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DEA Lays An Egg In Washington State: 5-Day Copter Patrols Net 20 Pot Plants

Dr. 215

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Wow and with gas being priced such as it is, along with additional personnel and equipment costs, at what cost to the taxpayers is this folly? And, but of course, like most outdoor eradication efforts, no one was arrested for the cultivated cannabis found by the government’s eyes in the sky. Like me, don’t you want to know the per/plant cost to taxpayers for this kind of ineffective eradication efforts? According to the article the DEA funded the helicopter searches and it is unlikely to replicate this scale operation on the OP in the near future because of the paltry amount of plants eradicated.

By the way, the effort to eradicate cannabis plants growing in the OP was hampered by mountain and sea fog (Can you imagine that on the OP in the early fall?), which is important to note because most years five to six law enforcement personnel unfortunately perish nationwide in ill-fated and totally unnecessary domestic cannabis over flights with fog being cited as a major source of the crashes.

Let’s all work together to turn these anti-cannabis cowboys in the skies into revenue officers whose only job is to account for cannabis plants (and industrial hemp plants) as a source of regulated commerce and tens of billions annually in tax revenues.

In fact, the public and politicians should consider replacing an ineffective DEA with FACT: the Firearm, Alcohol, Cannabis and Tobacco, an updated division of the US Treasury

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Jim Finnel

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it take 17.217 DEA agents to screw in a light bulb but they need the local sheriffs dog and pony show to secure the perimeter

this was a BLack study on drug erradication effectiveness

done stealthily through a large well known university
3 PHD [piled higher deeper] dissertations in socialogy are pending out of this study and they have already got jobs
in homeland security as soon as they pass the physical training
to walk chew gum not drop your gun while mastrabating...

Keith Lake

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55 DEA agents are needed,,,

one to hold the bulb and lie to the media about it
two to fire the tear gas and hogtie the grandmother
three to hold the battering ram to get into the room
four to guard the perimeter
five to distribute the oakly sunglasses, T shirts, and boots
six to walk from room to room saying "the breach has been accomplished, lie on the floor"
seven to rip the room apart looking for harmless plant material
eight to keep track of the overtime
nine to find and shoot the sleeping pets


ten to turn the ladder
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