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DEA Religious Exemption Process


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I bet they'll take a step back and have an honest reflection about the law in question, its origins, effectiveness, purpose and ideology in juxtaposition on how those variables affect the liberty enjoyed by a free society or indeed the very fabric of what this nation holds dear - religious freedom.

LOL just kidding.

They will do what they have always done - brush it under the rug and ignore it. The government and courts don't give a fuck about religious freedom unless its the unofficially sanctioned state religion (a laughably-bastardized version of evangelical Christianity).

US History is full of examples of American citizens being burned, executed, hung, imprisoned, murdered, lynched and tortured for their religious beliefs as if the 1st Amendment to the Constitution never even existed. We might as well just strike it from the record since its never been enforced anyway. What difference would it even make in practice? Its only real purpose is to make Americans feel superior to other nations because "we can practice our own religion without being persecuted" and that makes us more free than them. But can we really practice religious beliefs (which don't hurt others, yadda, yadda, yadda) without persecution and imprisonment from the government?

I hope the best for this and I really want it to work. It's honestly a little offensive recreational cannabis was legal before religious use when there are several (very) large religions that incorporate cannabis use. Its just too bad the USA is at best insincere about religious freedom and at worst blatantly and flagrantly undermining its main responsibility (protecting our rights).

It seems everyone has forgotten the Constitution is nothing more than a legal document which transfers the power of self-determination from The People to The Government. Too bad they seem incapable of accomplishing their only actual purpose.


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Ok, here is the Update on what all is happening now.

The DEA responded to the SBA Fairness Board SBREFA complaint, they acknowledged everything, but said that the Petition is still under review.

So I took all the correspondences from the 2 back and forths through the SBA Fairness Boars, and sent them to the 10th Circuit to prove that the 10th Circuit made its ruling in error under Rule 59/60.

In DC with the FDA case, I demanded a Jury Trial

The Dallas County District Court scheduled a Non-Jury Trial in Feb 2020 about Religious use on the Texas State level, the other cases are Federal

I have about 25 days left to respond to the Denver County District Court about the Marijuana Enforcement Agency.

I am going to file in the City of Boulder soon against Tom Carr, the City Attorney, because I made some requests via town request things online, and he has taken it into his own hands. And he reported me on gmail in violation of my first Amendment, and doesn't want to let Religion come to Boulder.

And all the Texas Federal Cases are just waiting on Judges who claim to be reading and taking their time.

I now have Federal Executive Complaints against 10-15 Judges.


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Romani (Religio-Ethnic Vedic European Hindus who invented Tarrot and Fairytails, aka "Gypsys") Human Rights Cases

Assenov and Others v. Bulgaria

Velikova v. Bulgaria

Anguelova v. Bulgaria

Ognyanova and Choban v. Bulgaria

Sashov v. Bulgaria

Eremiášová and Pechová v. the Czech Republic

Bekos and Koutropoulos v. Greece

Petropoulou-Tsakiris v. Greece

Kalamiotis v. Greece

Karagiannopoulos v. Greece

Stefanou v. Greece

Katsaris v. Greece

Ciorcan and others v Romania

Burlya and Others v. Ukraine

M.F. v. Hungary

Lingurar v. Romania


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I have a hearing in Dallas, State not Fed, at 600 Commerce St, Dallas, TX, 7th Floor, July 22nd

In the Spanish Inquisition (rather than the Witch Trials as a point of Reference), the Rules were, to be a Heretic you must:

(1) Publicly declare his beliefs (based upon what the church considered inaccurate interpretations of the Bible); and,
(2) Refuse to denounce them, even after being corrected by the authority; and,
(3) He also tried to teach his beliefs to other people; and,
(4) He had to be doing these things by his own free will, not under the influence of the Devil


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July 22nd, Under Tx Constitution Article 5, Sec 32, I will Challenge the TXCSA with TX Bill of Rights Sec 6 Freedom of Worship.

5 Sec 32 says after AG is made aware, Court can not decide for 45 days.

So, we are Requesting an Injunction.
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