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Dead flower at the top of the cola?


Hey peeps. I'm nearing the end of my first grow and everything has been going well so far. However, yesterday I noticed that the flower at the very top of the main cola had dried up and died. The sugar leaves near the top had been looking dried up for a week or so, but I didn't realize that it spread to the bud as well. I cut out the dead material and took a look with a scope. I'm not seeing any critters or anything. It's been sunny here (Portland, OR) but not overly hot. My other plant isn't showing any of the same signs, and of the damaged plant, it was only the very top. All the other buds looks normal/great. I'm planning on harvesting this weekend, so it a good time to have this happen I suppose. Anyone have any insight? I've got a photo from a week ago that shows the drying up sugar leaves and a shot from this morning looking straight down onto the bud after cutting away the dead stuff. Thanks!

From a week ago...

Looking down on the damaged bud...


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I'm seeing this on one plant and the first thing that comes up when I search is bud rot, unfortunately. Since I'm a new grower i hope experienced folks weigh in on this.


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The pic showing the bud spread open looks a lot like budrot to me. When you first touch the area and move the bud segments around is there a slight, barely visible, puff of spores like smoke? Is it wet and a bit slimy feeling?
Assuming it is budrot, I would- go over the bud(s) carefully prying apart the segments and looking in to the center near the stem where the rot usually starts/hides. I'd definitely chop off the affected part a half inch back from where it ends. Careful not to contaminate surrounding buds. If the problem is widespread and/or it doesn't look like conditions will be improving over the next while- I would consider harvesting. You can keep the rot at bay if you can improve upon the existing airflow, lower existing RH, and keep temps from getting low. If conditions can't be improved upon- then expect more of the same- if budrot is what it is.


Thanks Weaselcracker! I'm pretty certain it was an isolated case of bud rot. I dug it out and checked the surrounding area of the affected bud. Dense and green. Looks good everywhere else too. I'm harvesting this weekend, so I think I'm in the clear. Appreciate all the info.
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