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Death Sentence for a Medical Cannabis User

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New Zealand - A 51-year old cancer patient is facing his end days over New Zealand's so-called legal justice system. The injustice is palpable and it won't take out one struggling human being, but two.

Peter Davy, a Medical Cannabis user, was arrested for growing marijuana plants in his garden; plants that have kept him alive as he's waged a 10 year battle with cancer. A judge in New Zealand says Davy is going to prison for growing the plants that have spared his life. Without cannabis he doesn't have a life.

Davy said, "I want to make it clear that I will be going on a hunger strike the moment I am given a prison sentence and I absolutely do not want to be force fed under any circumstances. I will also be refusing all cancer medication. I am 100% committed to continuing with a hunger strike until I am dead."

His spirit hearkens back to the days of the Irish Republican Army (IRA); when Bobby Sands refused to give into the British terrorist state and ultimately died of starvation in one of the harshest kinds of death.

And like Sands, who knew he was forced to take the ultimate stand, he has every bloody right to be pissed off. Adding to Peter Davy's problems, is the fact that his life partner suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and Peter is her care provider. 39-year old Tracey Perrin, says that while she does not smoke marijuana, she completely supports its medical use, and was convinced Davy would carry out the hunger strike.

Tracey said, "Having that Irish blood in him, he is stubborn, which terrifies me. I don't want to lose my best friend."

She continued, "He is my carer, I am confined to a wheelchair and need 24-hour care. If he goes to prison I will have to go to a rest home to be cared for and will lose my home and my possessions."

New Zealand is willing to let them die.

Why? Because the country's laws are on a par with those of the United States. American officials are perfectly clear that they do not want to save the lives of their countrymen; instead preferring to maintain the illegal status of a natural plant. Officials in Auckland are willing to follow suit.

He explains, "My partner has advanced Multiple Sclerosis and I am her 24-hour caregiver. She is dying and will die without me."

Peter has cultivated cannabis in New Zealand for medical purposes and along the way, has extensively researched the breeding of rare cannabis strains for these specific medical conditions, his friend Mark DJ Aldiss in New Zealand explains.

On 15 February 2011 Peter Davey pleaded guilty in Timaru Court (New Zealand) to cultivation of cannabis and associated charges.

"The judge told me to expect a prison sentence on March 16th when I go up for sentencing because it is the fifth time I have been convicted."

And there is no cannabis, even for a cancer patient, in prison. That is because, like the U.S., New Zealand maintains an archaic set of laws that criminalize possession of this natural life-saving plant.

Medical Marijuana; a story of oppression and unfair laws designed to favor and promote business and police 'job security' interests above those of human beings facing their ultimate moment of suffering; watching their chances for survival fly out of a courtroom window.

You see in New Zealand, there is still a spirit among police, trained with bad information, that tells them arresting marijuana users is a victory, a score. It is not.

To set that point straight; marijuana users are at best, kindergartners among criminals. Rather than addressing real problems, police who nab pot users do so because it is easy and it isn't dangerous.

Police busting people for a plant God placed on the earth are each and every single time, allowing a crime to occur against an innocent person, a child. Investigating these egregious crimes takes time and money and they are often unaddressed because police care about busting pot users; in this case a man who had no choice but to use it.

Think about it, there are real criminals in our world society. They want to rob you, rape you, steal your children and sell them on the slave market; there are horrible human beings circulating and every minute police use expensive taxpayer resources to arrest a marijuana user, they are not just allowing, but encouraging real and actual crimes against your family and your friends.

What a joke, and it all relies on false propaganda and law enforcement priorities that reflect a braindead mentality. It is no wonder people are so quickly losing faith in police.

Peter Davy attributes the matter to, "a police force that continually lies to make themselves look good, and the complete lack of empathy and compassion in our present justice system."

Peter's friend Mark DJ Aldiss set up another site Leave Peter Davy Alone New Zealand - It's his death sentence, that includes some of Peter's words and links, and some of Mark's as well.

Peter Reynolds is another friend of Peter's in New Zealand. He has written extensively about the debate over drug laws in the House of Lords and he has also indulged the subject of his friend. I suggest his article titled: Medicinal Cannabis And Its Impact On Human Health

More at: Peter Reynolds Catch the UK house of Lords TV of their discussion about changing the whole way drugs are dealt with in the UK - there is a link on Mark's site Player

Mark DJ Aldiss concluded our discussion today by saying, "It is sad and not right that two people end up where they are when it could be such a peaceful time for them." Amen to that.

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This is so repulsive, it makes your head want to explode. Humanity is dead if it ever was alive. Compassion and common sense don't exist. The world is run by money-grubbing, ignorant, hypocrites who wouldn't know decency if it exploded out of their brandy snifters.


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There are a lot of medical marijuana users world wide.We have more power than just our votes,we have the power of money! We should be boycotting any State or Goverment that does not allow the compassionate use of medical marijuana in it`s boarders.
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