Dec 9th 2018 Auto Grow Dark Devil, LSD-25, Honey Peach CBD, Gorilla Glue #4 In Living Organic Soil


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This is my first auto grow, I know it's a faux pas to ever put 2 plants in the same pot but I only have space for two 25 gallon fabric pots and since they are autos I figured I would try it.

Soil is a Clackamas Coots recipe

2 CuFt Sphagnum moss
1 CuFt Pumice lava rock
1 CuFt microbe charged Biochar
1 CuFt Rice Hulls
2 CuFt Humus composed of 1/3 Oly Mt fish Compost 2/3 Earth Worm Castings and
a few handfuls some probiotic herbs – comfrey, nettle, dandelion, etc..

Nutrients included in the soil:

(Per cu.Ft of Base Soil)
1/2 cup organic Neem meal
1/2 cup organic Kelp meal
1/2 cup organic Crustacean meal
1/2 cup organic insect frass
1/3 cup Gro-Kashi
1/3 cup Karanja Meal
1/4 cup of fish bone meal
1/16th cup of Modern Microbes
3 cups of Rock/Mineral Mix
(Rock/Mineral Mix)
2 part Oyster Shell Flour
2 part Gypsum
1 parts Glacial Rock Dust
1 part Basalt
1 part Calcium Bentonite

There are between 200 to 300 red wigglers in each pot supplying a fresh daily dose of castings.
I use Rootwise Microbe Complete to inoculate the soil with mycorrhazae.
A cover crop of several types of clover, vetch, peas, buckwheat to supply nitrogen.
If my soil were anymore alive then it would talk back to me.

Amendments I use are.
Aloe Vera
Coconut water
ThriveN aminos
Rootwise Microbe Complete
Rootwise Elixir
Bio-phos microbes
Freeze Dried Fish Hydrolysate
Micronized Cal-Phos
Soluble Seaweed Extract
Sulfate of Potash
Premium Kelp Meal
Ahimsa Neem/Karanja Cake
Alfalfa Meal
Camelina Meal
Crustacean Meal
Fish Meal
Fish Bone Meal
Soybean Meal
Sul-Po-Mag (Also Known as K-Mag or Langbeinite)
Malted Barley Grains (3 Varieties)
Oyster Flour

Optiveg for Chitin
Gro-Sil for silica

I use only Reverse Osmosis water that I super oxygenate with 02 emitters for a high dissolved oxygen content.

I use LED lighting, 3 lights 200 actual watts each for 600w

One pot has Dark Devil and LSD-25.
The other is Gorilla Glue and Honey Peach CBD, all autos.

I germinated the seeds in RO water with a touch of aloe vera in it for about 14 hours.
Then use the same aloe water to moisten a paper towel and place the seed in it, put in a plastic bag and put on top of my stereo reciever which is about 80 degrees they pop about 12 hours later.
Soon as the tail gets about an 1/8th inch long I plant directly into the 25 gallon pot.

The seeds popped above ground on December 9th.
Dark Devil and LSD first then about 9 hours later the GG and HP.


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Dec 12th
Watered with aloe vera, microbe complete, elixir, ThriveN aminos, and Gro-kashi just to kick start the mycorrhazae.
Temp 74 humidity 64% for a perfect Vapor Pressure Deficit of about 9 kilopascals.
Little spindly for my taste but overall look healthy.
Lights are on 24/0 and mostly blue spectrum first two days with only about 290w


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December 15th

Little plain RO water.
Temp 71 humidity 66% lights out
And 75 and 65% lights on.

Lights are on 20/4 and full spectrum 600w since day 3, this is day 6.


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December 17th

Growing nicely still, however my dang worms keep having an orgy under my Honey Peach CBD plant and causing it to lean over almost to the ground, I keep having to prop it back up.

Yesterday I gave each plant a 1/4 teaspoon of microbe inoculate and 1/4 teaspoon of Optiveg watered in with super oxygenated RO water.

The LSD-25 is looking really nice today.

This is day 8



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A word about Living Organic Soil.
Too anyone interested in trying it there are a few things that are pretty key.
First is pot size, if you for some reason cant use at least 15 gallon FABRIC pots then you would be better off just sticking with synthetic nutrients in coco.
Personally I think 25 gallon fabric is really the smallest you should even consider if you want to get the best genetic potential from your plant.
An 18" deep fabric bed as large as you can fit is even better.
You should grow your soil first for at least a month prior to planting, inoculate the soil with microbes, add Rove Beetles and predator Mites for PM, add a few handfuls of worms.
Plant a cover crop.
Now you have the beginnings of an actual Living Organic Soil that with proper care and high quality amendments will improve with age.
No other method comes close to the quality you can get with LOS.
December 18th day 9.

I put some barley hay around the plants to keep the worms from knocking them over.
The Gorilla Glue doesn't look good at all IMO, in fact if it hasn't snapped out of it by or before Saturday iam ripping it out of the ground and I'll start another seed.

The other 3 look decent, the LSD-25 looks the best.
I am starting to think this may have been a mistake running autos.
I keep looking at grow after grow and people are giddy about getting 2oz off a plant, I got a small area, 2.5x5x8.
If I cant average at least 2+ oz per plant for 4 plants then they are a waste of time.
I usually average 8oz per plant with photo periods and get a good pound with two plants in 15 to 16 weeks.
The average auto grow seems to be about 10 weeks minimum so I might save a month but not sure if it's going to be worth it.

But then I see a grow and someone gets 9oz off a single auto growing the same strain that I just saw someone else get like 1/2 an oz off of.
Autos seem like the pot slot machine, never know what you're going to get.


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December 20th, day 11

Looking better today even the Gorilla Glue decided to snap out of its funk, it got a bit stunted because it couldn't release itself from its seed pod the first couple days, I finally had to grab it and pry it off.
Then the worms wouldn't leave it alone.
My soil is so light and airy from the worms and microbes that it feels like duck down.
I could literally take my hand with fingers straight and with virtually no force just push my hand into the soil past my wrist.

I can take a quart of water and pour it as fast as I can dump it and it goes right into the soil like I am pouring it through a screen.
So my soil is in perfect condition, the roots get plenty of oxygen, plus I super oxygenate my water.
So yesterday I mixed a bit of aloe vera and a pinch of silica and a bit of yucca extract as my root tonic into my water and gave them their most thorough watering since popping out of the ground and they responded nicely.

Contrary to popular belief your soil should never get totally dry.
If you're in a plastic pot using heavy soil then you kinda need to let it dry a bit more or it may go anaerobic but in a proper size fabric pot with good soil that has at least 30% aeration in it there is virtually zero danger of that and you actually need to water often and keep the soil moist.
Few more pics 9 hours later, can see pretty decent growth in just a few hours.
I sure hope they start some kind of strong growth spurt pretty soon, I don't really want to mess with a few potsicles.


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Nise journal.

I'm in tears at if your soil were any more alive it would talk to you!!! Bwahaha. That's one hell of a mix you got going. Could probably grow a redwood in it. Lol.
I want to go LOS but as you said the size of the container would be an issue for me. Plus I'm a little lazy and still hurting so amending the soil would never get started. Lol.

I'm subbed and will be watching closely.
I'm in to see the living soil. I have a question, does it atract any bugs? I don't mean typical weed bugs like spider mites. I'm talking about just random insects

Cant say as I've noticed anything except the predator bugs that i
I put there in order to do battle with the inevitable Fungus Gnats that ALL LOS will get guaranteed.
Every square inch has Hypoaspis miles predator Mites and Rove Beetles, Fungus Gnats are totally under control.
I did see one leafhopper about a year ago that managed to find it because of the lights.
Nise journal.

I'm in tears at if your soil were any more alive it would talk to you!!! Bwahaha. That's one hell of a mix you got going. Could probably grow a redwood in it. Lol.
I want to go LOS but as you said the size of the container would be an issue for me. Plus I'm a little lazy and still hurting so amending the soil would never get started. Lol.

I'm subbed and will be watching closely.

Yeah, hasn't talked back yet.
Once you get it started LOS is by far the easiest way to grow.
I just grow soil, the soil does all the rest.
Welcome aboard.
Another watering, made a microbe tea and root tonic.

Rootwise microbe complete
Rootwise elixir
Aloe Vera
ThriveN amino acids
Pinch of pure Silica
Yucca extract

Super oxygenated the water for about 20 minutes.

Put a small pinch of Gro-kashi around each plant and watered in with the microbe amino root tonic.
The pictures show my 02 emitter and the tea.
It's kinda hard to see in pictures but the emitter puts out a shit ton of ultra fine micro bubbles that looks like smoke and because they are so tiny they can't break the surface tension and stay suspended in the water giving me around 10% dissolved oxygen in cool water.
Roots love it.

Hope all is well in your world.

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