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Decarbing in boiling water


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Curious how successful users are having in decarbing in a mason jar in a pot of boiling water. At sea level so should boil at 212 degrees, and from reading should be done for 60 to 90 minutes. I ask this because my oven has issues with temperature at the sweet spot of 240, will climb and drop almost 40 degrees. Really hard to control, I have to literally sit by it and watch the temp start to climb and open the oven door. Oven needs replacement, but in the meantime wondering how successful others have been in decarbing using the boiling water method. Is it worth it or a waste of time?

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I never did it that way. If I did, I'd use my pressure cooker as the temperature rises to 230°F at 6-8 PSI, which is perfect for decarbing.
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