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thinking about trying a new strain. the contenders are 1. ppp. 2. ak-48. 3. papaya. Im looking for the very best yielder/smoke. i do have some hybrid seeds i was gifted, of ice x chemdaug, as well. i am currently waiting on three i have in bloom. one is thc bomb. the other is herojuana. and also jackberry x mad scientist. i did have an extreama that was a heri pheno. and i used to grow medijuana, which is a knock off of herojana. i am wondering about the three i listed. my number one smoke, that i have had for years, is bc godbud. yields preety good, although i am not known for my yeilds. so, if any of you peeps have tried any of the three i listed, please let me know your results, and opinions. thanks guys/gals.
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