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decriminalization near boarder towns


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Soo her in el paso, texas, front lines here on the war on dugs. years of juarez, mexico's attempt to stop trafficing has finally ended. They are finally giving up. possession of small amounts of marjuana is ok now soo where does that leave us el pasoans? no where its still illeagal here because of texas state laws... and since were also a boarder town, u bet ur ass that now there will be an increase of law inforcment from boarder patrol to feds to state troopers and sheriff's n soo forth.

we got a zero tolorance toward marjijuana we have cops that take our shit n keep it for themselves, they take our pipes n bongs n things are starting to really suck now cause the boarder patrol is starting to beef up security n now its getting harder to find bud more than ever... i dont know whats going to happen now that our sister city has decriminalized it. hopefully our city officials will realize that making it legal here will benifit everyone but i doubt it due to texas's bull shit laws...
just a stoner thought,
dr.robotnik :51:


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Good luck bra! Texas is gonna be one of the last to fall! Fukn cowboys!


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Hey every body,

Have you heard the news Obama is not focusing efforts on prosecuting medical marijuana users. The only good thing he has done for this country so far.
I would like every body to help me to take action in getting Texas Legislation to pass the medical marijuana bill.

This link will show you how to take action. You have several options
Take Action

This link is a prewritten letter to Texas Legislators
Remember you forward this to your friends and family or anybody you know who will support it.
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