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Decriminalize it in Alabama


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I wish I had an answer for you, because I would love to start a petition to stop the pre-employment/random drug testing for marijuana in every state. It is completely unfair and unjust. I could go out on Friday, night do a line of cocaine or drink booze till I throw up and test on Monday with no fears but to smoke a bowl on Friday night to relieve arthritis pains will cost me a job. That is just ridiculous.


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Its not so much that.. But i do see your point.. I had a friend that got caught growing 3 plants and he did a year in jail was on probation for 5 and was fined also.. All over a plant.. And he was growing for personal use.. I mean no offense here but these do called "bible thumpers" wont even vote on lottery for alabama but will plan a church trip to a casino and buy lottery tickets on a weekly basis by having 1 person drive to florida.. nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.. It makes me sick.. If i knew where to start to help i would.
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