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Deep Purple (Macro Pictures) WA

King County

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Strain: Deep Purple (Purple Urkle crossed with Querkle)

Type: Indica Dominant

Looks: Dense, dry, nuggets with minimal leaf. Very colorful dark purple buds, green leaf, and orange hairs, covered in a white frost of cloudy trichomes.

Smell: Deep pungent musty smell from a distance. By pinching a bud, one will release a sugary sweet smell. This is the kind of smell that tickles the nose, along with all the trichomes that get vacuumed up.

Taste: Dark grape, smooth and dry, like a fine wine.

Notes: A very heavy Indica, creeper stone. Great body relaxation, and a good choice to reduce nausea.
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Thats a beauty indeed, so where did this tasty specimen come from. im pretty sure there are a couple dispensaries by king county.
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