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Defendants Bound Over in Medical Marijuana Case

Jim Finnel

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The medical marijuana case involving eight people arrested during an Aug. 25, 2010 drug raid has been bound over to Oakland County Circuit Court.

Judge Richard D. Kuhn Jr., with Waterford's 51st District Court, issued an opinion and order Monday involving defendants William Joseph Teichman and Candace Teichman, both of White Lake, Brian Vaughan, Matthew John-Drinnon Miller, Laval Anthony Crawford, Kirk Alan Swafford and Jennifer Zuck, all of Waterford, and Todd Robinson of Southfield. The eight were charged with various counts of delivery or possession and manufacture of marijuana, a controlled substance.

Prosecutors contend the charged offenses occurred July and August 2010. An investigation was conducted into marijuana sales taking place at Everybody's Cafe in Waterford and Herbal Remedies in Waterford. During those months, various undercover officers entered the cafe and Herbal Remedies, and were sold marijuana and products.

The Aug. 25 raids - conducted by the Oakland County's Narcotics Enforcement Team at various growing operations and marijuana dispensaries across the county - resulted in the arrest of nearly 20 people. Officials said the charges included possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and other charges.

Defendants' attorneys argued before Kuhn that undercover officers used "forged" documents to purchase or receive the marijuana. Kuhn said defendants maintained they were qualified patients or caregivers and entitled to protection under the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.

Kuhn noted the prosecutors established probable cause "to believe that the crimes were committed and the defendants committed them."

He said the defense often referred to protections in the Medial Marihuana Act but did not spell out if the marijuana involved was being used for medical purposes or if defendants' conduct was in "strict accordance" with the act's provisions.

Kuhn referenced a flyer left in the courtroom during the defendants' appearances.

The flyer titled "Support the Cause" demonstrated, Kuhn wrote, that the "Cause" exceeded "protecting from arrest the vast majority of seriously ill people who have a medical need to use marijuana."

Kuhn concluded that there was probable cause to believe crimes were committed and that the defendants were to be bound over to Oakland County Circuit Court on all charges listed in the first complaint.

William and Candace Teichman are to appear before Oakland County Circuit Judge Phyllis McMillen on April 7.

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