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Defendants In Medical Marijuana Raid Arraigned


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A husband and wife who operated a medical marijuana facility in Waterford Township were among a group of defendants arraigned in circuit court Thursday on drug charges stemming from a raid.

One defendant, Candace Teichman, is potentially facing her own separate trial after the judge, noting that she knew her in the past, recused herself from the case.

Candace and her husband, William, operated Everybody's Cafe and Herbal Remedies, a meeting place in Waterford Township for medical marijuana patients and their caregivers. The facility was raided Aug. 25.

The Teichmans and several other people were arrested and charged with various drug offenses.

On Thursday, the Teichmans, Brian Vaughn, Matthew John-Drinnon Miller, Laval Anthony Crawford, Todd Robinson, Kirk Alan Swafford and Jennifer L. Zuck were arraigned on the charges. Each person stood mute, and Oakland Circuit Judge Phyllis McMillen entered not guilty pleas on their behalf.

The judge set a lawyers-only pretrial hearing for this coming Monday.

In the case of Candace Teichman, McMillen said she used to live in the same neighborhood as her and they were in a golf league together. Also, she said her husband, who is an attorney, represented Candace Teichman in a previous divorce.

McMillen recused herself, and it is expected that a new judge will be assigned to Candace Teichman's case.

Medical marijuana is a hot-button topic. In 2008, Michigan voters approved a ballot proposal that included physician-approved use of marijuana by registered patients with debilitating medical conditions and allowed registered individuals to grow limited amounts of marijuana for qualified patients.

Some people say the laws surrounding the use of the substance remain murky.

In August, Oakland County Sheriff's Office deputies raided marijuana clubs Everybody's Cafe and Clinical Relief in Ferndale, making several arrests. In January, deputies raided a medical marijuana dispensary in Oak Park.

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