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Deficiency in flower help


Was thinking of getting a water filter. Not sure anymore. Heard they get bougie after you give them the good stuff. ‍♂️
Been using all summer on my outdoor with no issues. The vegetables seem to like it too.


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ok, now with the soil explained, it does sound like a living supersoil and it needs to be cared for, or the microbes that power everything will die and the feeding cycle will stop.
That makes a huge difference. Coco is not soil nor is it living. There is nothing in there for the plants. Everything they get will come from you.
This was a reaction to you saying you were in coco... sorry... you clearly said gaia green in the beginning.

That soil should be able to supply most everything your plants need, as long as you keep the microlife alive. Filtered water (no chlorine) is a good thing for this soil, but you need to be very careful what else you add. You do not need to adjust pH, but it is common to have to supplement a bit more calcium and magnesium during a grow, simply because adding them to the soil in the amounts sometimes needed could lock out other vital elements, so it is best to supplement when needed.

I do not think this is any sort of overload, since you are not adding anything, and it is up to the roots and the microbes to sort all of this out. Treat for the magnesium deficiency, and lets see what happens. If your microbes have gotten weak, consider a compost tea or a shot of Realgrower's Recharge.


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gaia green bloom comes with a learning curve , read loads of lock outs on reviews if not used proper with small pots it wont help either , i hope you get sorted soon enough, pity you were not using fabric pots you could have set them on a bigger pot to increase the root ball
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