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Ok, so I have 2 young plants, just a few inches tall. They are the same strain, under the same lighting and watering conditions and one of the stalks is a purplish color towards the bottom. I'm using an organic fertelizer but my question is why one has the purple and the other does not. I remember from a past crop long ago and in a far away land that this could be a deficiency? I forget which nutrient though...any help is appreciated.

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Clones or seed? How old exactly? What type of media? What type of nutes( I saw organic but be specific)? This is a good starting point to begin searching for answers>420 Magazine ®. Specifics on purple stemmed seedlings>420 Magazine ®
Another thing. With clones, I notice that while rooting the entire stem may be purple to begin with. As the roots form and develop the purple begins to fade and turn green. This is a good sign of healthy root development. My 2 cents. Answer those questions and more help is on the way. :peace:
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