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Defolliation Questions (pics)


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Hi all,

My plant is 33 days from seed, under LED, in Hydro and is a mostly Indica strain (Dinafem Blue Widow)

Ok, so i've done a bit of research and i'm a little bit confused about defoliation. I understand it's a fairly controversial process, but i'm up for trying new things and keeping the ball rolling, so i have a couple of specific questions if you can help.

Where do i actually cut the leaf off, and do i cut it or snap it off, scissors or hands?

Below is a picture of one of my plants with a large fan leaf highlighted -


And if i zoom in a bit more on the same leaf, highlighted in red is another branch growing almost out of the same place the fan leaf is -


So if i wanted to remove that fan leaf, would i snap or cut the leaf off, and would i do it in point A, or point B?

Also, am i missing anything here....it really seems as simple as removing the leaves without any potential budsites...



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I remove my leaves at point A, and I prefer to use sharp scissors to make the cut. I have found that using cuticle scissors works well for some areas, due to the curved tip on the scissors.
The most common methods I've seen are scissors, razor blade, and fingernails to pinch it off.

Just keep in mind that the leaves store energy, and are responsible for photosynthesis. The plant needs them to convert light, water, and nutrients into energy, as well as transpire excess water.


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Hey man, I defol to increase yield, but its a fine line and takes a lit of practice../I still don't have it down!

Check the above link on defol and maybe have a look at the flux thread for more info flux tutorial

I cut at point à
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