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Dehumidifier vs Air Conditioner


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So being Spring and Summer around the corner here and since my Humidity is sitting around 51% - 57% for my flowering LOJ at week 5 I'm thinking of getting a dehumidifier to allow me to set and forget the humidity to 48% and later 40% in late flower as per usual.. However the summer here being as hot as a bloody oven 34°C - 40°C on average.. I'm thinking even though my tent temps atm stay a constant 21°C (I pump the chilly willy air from under my house) I'm thinking I should air on the side of caution and just get a small air con unit to be safe just incase things get hotter then expected..

So my question for all you lovely experienced and knowledgeable peoples here is this... Will an air conditioner lower my humidity in my tent sufficiently to eliminate the need to buy a dehumidifier ?
Anyone that has successfully used an air con to not only control temps but also RH% please lemme know.

Ty kind people ✌


Buy an AC unit. Without getting too far into all of it a dehumidifier and an air conditioner are essentially the same pieces and parts but an air conditioner will remove the heat from the space. A dehumidifier will not. So an AC will control temps and Rh yes. Most ac units now have an actual dehumidify setting.


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Thank you Turbo, exactly what I needed to hear.
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