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I'm on my second grow my first got bud rot I believe due to high humidity but this time i kept that in mind and bought a 20 quid one that is useless, when i close the door for the 12 hrs dark and open it goes up to 99 humidity so I'm gonna have to buy a 100 quid humidifier from amazon. Took me about 10 minutes to find a good one wth good reviews


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i think i have read that recommended rh is up in the 70% range,, for several reasons. that is high,, do you really think you will have natural rh as high or higher than that??

if so,, buy a dehumidifier that is small enough to fit in yer tent,, perhaps? and empty it often, and keep the vents free of dirt and dust,, maybe

cheers friend,,

Electric Shaman

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I had the same problem. I bought a HomeLabs 30 pint dehumidifier condenser type. It runs almost constantly with no problems, It has a 1 gallon tank ( I maybe should have got the 50 pint) the price was about 150 dollars US. I'm in week 5 of flower and it keeps the humidity between 45% and 50%. The results are what matter, right?