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Dekons - BCN Diesel Auto - Outdoor


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What strain is it? BCN Diesel *Auto*
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrid - Mostly Sativa
Veg Time: 1 Day
Training: N/A
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? VEG
Indoor or outdoor? Outdoor
Soil or Hydro? Soil
If soil... what is in your mix? Organic with Homemade Composting
If soil... What size pot? 1QT
Is it aircooled? Yes
Temp of Room/cab? 80% F
RH of Room/cab? 60-70% AVG
PH of media or res? N/A
Any Pests ? None
How often are you watering? N/A
Type of ferts used? FF's Grow Big, Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom
Fert Schedule: No ferts for the first 2 weeks just ph'd water.


Started her from seed indoors until fully sprouted. Today will be moving it outdoors on patio table. So we shall see how it goes :)

Paper Towel Method

And... 15Hrs Later

Day 1


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Excuse my ignorance but i been out the loop for a little while, how do they get a mostly Sativa to be an auto-flower?? I have some Maple Leaf Indica/ Haze clones and they growing but now all that fast... I know these flower pretty early so im not too worried...I'd like to start a journal but im still weary, even though this is the best informative site i have found in years.....everybody seems to love everybody lol


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Im not gonna crowd up Dekon's journal(What up buddy) with a long explanation but if you wanna know more about Auto Flower tendency i suggest looking up the Russian Ruderalis this is the plant most breeders use to implement the autoflower into a strain then it is done one of two way's(I have no idea which way these were done)

1 being, you take Sativa A(mother) x Ruderalis B(father) and continue to cross the generations that display what you want over and over. This is an IBL (Inbread Line) where you take the F2(Second Generation) and cross the most stable/same looking/autoflower brother and sister. by crossing these two the F3(third generation) will have a higher tendency to be what you want, IE: 10/10 Sativa x Ruderalis F3 display autoflowering and are stable and look like each other, there would be no reason to continue the inbreeding, the breeder has the strain doing what it wants it to.

The second, is Creating BX(Backcross) generations. So once again say you take SativaA(mother) x RuderalisB(Father) and then from the F2 generation you select the male plant that has the most tendancies that you want IE: Autoflower, Stable, Vigor or whatever you are breeding for. by Crossing the Best F2 Son to the mother you create a BX 1 line (Backcrossed to mother or father once) meaning that this generation will have much more of the original parent's traits that will display. by repeating this process and selecting what best represents what you want in the next BX generation you can make it so when you pop a seed 10/10 times it will be the same.

Hope i made this clear enough to understand and sorry for cluttering up your journal bud :D


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Day 11


There she is survived a few nasty overnight thunderstorms. The stem on this little thing is like a toothpick hard as hell. IMO she is still a runt the growth has just been stupid slow. It's just now starting to form its 3rd node. So slowly but surely I'm sure it will grow out of this but geez...

When I mean runt here's an example... This plant is actually 2-3 days younger than the diesel above. Sure granted it's been in a grow chamber with regulated lights/temp blah blah hibbity blah. Still I've had a lot of faster growing plants than this little auto.


Again thanks for watching :peace2:


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part of it could be pot size that the seedlings are in, the one in the smaller one i bet is a lot bigger. this is because the tap root goes straight down until it hits the bottom of the pot them goes nuts, its getting established so it wont fall over, its kinda like natures way of saying "alright i got this much room to work with, now lets do it"


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yeah it might be 1qt vs 16oz :)

I'm in the process of a little experiment with pot size. I've got another little plant going that's on day one in exact size container and soil mix as the auto. Also think the weather might effect as well cause it's gone from 100s back down to the 60s in the past week.

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hey whats up dekon,
I understand what you mean with the slow growth, I have the same problem with my 2 Afgoo's, i think its an outdoor thing? im not totally sure on this, but i know that during the night that it has been dropping into the mid to low 50's and i know that anything lower than 56 F can put your plant into a mild shock, so it could be that it is in shock.... dont quote me on that though, I am still new to the growing world, not in general, but to the sweet beautiful lovely cannabis plant, i am about to harvest my very first one!!! but yea like i said i think its an outdoor thing!!! if you find answers let me know cus im stumped on the slow grow as well!!!



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Day 26

Well went ahead and transplanted it into a 4gal bucket. Plant seems to be a little darker green this time around but still grows slower than molasses. Overall besides the light green appearance the plant seems to be in good shape.

No signs of sex yet... So we still shall see....


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