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The First 90 Minutes” Episode 10
Dela Haze 70/30S
Holistic Industries / Liberty Cannabis Somerville, Ma
Dispensary Agent: Peter
What’s up all my cannabis loving and canna-curious friends! Welcome back to another episode of The First 90 Minutes! Today we will be toking and talking about a strong Sativa hybrid, Dela Haze. I purchased this strain from the Vitality collection at Liberty Cannabis in Somerville, Ma. According to Leafly, this sweet, earthy, citrusy strain is best used for depression, fatigue, stress, pain, and lack of appetite. This makes sense given that it’s effects are happy, energetic, focused, creative, and euphoric. Personally, I sometimes struggle with strong Sativa strains because they can cause anxiety, and sometimes paranoia, two potential negatives of this strain. It is also reported to cause dry eye, dry mouth, and dizziness. So let’s light up, sit back and relax, and talk about the first 90 minutes!
Upon opening the container, a strong earthy aroma immediately hits your nostrils. There are hints of citrus and spice, but the earthy aroma is a little overpowering at first. The same goes with the taste. Very earthy, but I definitely taste some citrus on the pallet toward the end of the taste test. Today I’m going to medicate via glass pipe. So let’s get this baby fired up and see what she can do!
Starting my medication session at 6:30 pm, I feel very awake right now. This is definitely a strong effect, and it has greatly increased my mood and productivity after being exhausted from a busy day at work. My head is starting to have that gentle massage feeling as I feel a cerebral tingling creeping in. Outside of the increased cerebral and bodily energy, I do not feel much else in relation to bodily effects. I definitely am feeling talkative, and I just realized I must be driving my wife crazy because I can’t seem to stop talking. It’s like I just drank an energy drink or coffee, and I have an extreme energy burst. I just noticed that I am starting to experience a case of the jitters, and am feeling some anxiety from sitting with this pent up energy. Since I am super energetic and am starting to feel anxious, I decided to try using this energy burst to finish some projects I’ve been wanting to get done. My focus is on point, and my multitasking couldn’t be better! The energy burst brings with it a creative mindset that makes it really enjoyable for doing something art related, and I could even see this strain as an amazing option for hiking. The level of euphoria is insane on this bud! I feel invincible and like I could take on the world.
At 6:40 pm, my mind is buzzing with creative ideas which are adding so much more inspiration to my creative projects. I feel like Ansel Adams on speed! I can’t take enough photos, and everything seems so vibrant and beautiful. What’s even better is that my problem solving skills are also on point. Puzzles, trivia, art, working out, it doesn’t matter as long as you are focusing your energy somewhere productive. I am starting to experience some relaxed body effects, but not in the same manner that you would normally feel relaxed. It’s more like that lactic acid, “I’m going to pump, you up” type of effect. Like you just stretched and your muscles feel ready to go. My mind is still going strong, the cerebral massage is still very present, and the level of focus is still in perfect balance with my creative mindset.
At 7:00 pm, I just tried to sit down, but the motor-mouth effects are still going strong. I feel so happy and productive, and the energy level is still sending me buzzing around looking for projects to do. The cerebral massage continues as does the creative buzz. I still am so energetic, so I figured I would try to channel my energy into a video game. My level of focus and energetic mindset has me not only able to keep up with the game, but it has me looking at the game from a more logical standpoint, which is helping me kick ass as Skyrim. I can’t believe that the energy burst is still so intense!
I do feel manic right now, but not in the normal destructive manic phases I normally experience, instead, it’s a very happy mania, where I feel like I can get a lot done, focus on a large array of projects, and I definitely feel overly stimulated by everything going on around me if I do not have a focal point to hold as a “carrot” in front of me. I can see how this strain would make you get a ton of projects started, but if the environment you are in is full of distractions, you may find yourself getting side tracked. If that happens, just remember, next time you medicate with this strain, you may be able to finish the projects you started the first time around. If you are home alone, get ready to feel like you have done a lot in a very short amount of time. If you are home with others, try to find something productive to do, unless the others in your house are equally as chatty.
At 7:30 pm, one hour in, my focus is still on point, and my productivity is still going strong, but I feel myself starting to mellow out a little. My body is starting to relax, and the energy is starting to balance out a little, which has made it easier for me to sit down and work on projects like editing my photography, writing, or watching TV. Right now I am working with my aromatherapy oils, and I feel so connected to what I am doing. I am still very chatty right now, so the decrease in energy has not slowed down the “motor mouth” aspect. Although the anxiety and nervous energy that comes with the energetic bursts has subsided, I am noticing a strong sensation of dry mouth.
Crossing the finish line at 8:00 pm, the chattiness has continued to decrease slowly, and I am feeling more of an overall relaxation and peacefulness creeping up. I am still very functional and that boost in creativity is still present, but the overall feeling at this point is similar to when you’ve had a really productive day, and then you get to sit back and relax knowing everything you needed to get done has been completed.
So final thoughts, well first, if you are looking for a major energy boost, this may be the right fit for you. Although I experienced some anxiety related to this strain, once I got myself up and focused on projects that I could use as an outlet for the energy burst, I was golden. This is a very strong strain, so be careful. Honestly, I was glad I tried this strain while in a balanced place. I don’t feel that this strain would good fit for people with Bipolar disorder who are in a manic phase. The increased energy with mania, at least for me, spells disaster. Medicating from a good, mellow, happy place made this energy burst awesome, and I would definitely use this again.
Given the energetic buzz, I could definitely see how this could help with depression and fatigue. It also makes you feel really upbeat and productive so it keeps your mind busy while making you feel happy, which is amazing for stress. I enjoyed the tingling sensations I had, and did not feel that they were overpowering. Leafly lists pain and lack of appetite on the ailment list for this strain. Honestly, the bodily effects I experienced were more energetic than what I have experienced with other pain relieving strains. In regard to the lack of appetite, it definitely makes you want to eat, but in my experience, it seems more that the hunger I experienced was related to dry mouth, and not so much a simple appetite stimulant. It definitely did lead me to finish off a bowl of Lucky Charms, but it wasn’t until I started drinking water that I felt the hunger sensation decrease.
Overall, I would say this is a great strain. I enjoyed the energy and productivity, as well as the creative effects I experienced. I would caution patients, especially inexperienced patients, to go extremely slow on this strain, and give it time. Maybe start out with one very light hit and see how it affects you. I tested this strain out a second time taking only one very light hit, and the anxiety was less prominent than it was with two hits. I still felt extremely productive, but I did not experience an overwhelming boost of energy, but the effects were just enough to keep me going, make me feel upbeat and happy, and to allow myself to experience the creativity with the excellent focus. Overall, I would give this strain 4.3 stars!
*Please remember, this blog is an account of my personal experience with this strain. Not everyone has the same experience with every strain, and that’s okay. I always recommend taking one to two hits at the most, and waiting at least forty-five minutes to see how the product effects you. Go low and slow, you can always take more if needed. **


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