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Delaware Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Law

Jim Finnel

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Delaware Gov. Jack Markell signed Senate Bill 17 today, his spokesman said, making Delaware the 16th fully legal medical marijuana state in the country.

SB 17 legalizes possession of up to six ounces of marijuana for qualified patients and tasks the Department of Health and Social Services with administering a program to open three non-profit compassion centers within one year. The legislation also prohibits public use of medical marijuana and driving under its influence.

Patients would qualify under a long list of ailments -- including chronic, debilitating pain -- and can designate a caregiver. Caregivers could maintain up to five patients. DHSS will also issue identification cards to patients and caregivers, which would prevent arrest for drug law violations.

Marijuana Policy Project spokesman Morgan Fox said the passage of SB 17 occurs amid unprecedented new federal intimidation of states through letters from local U.S. attorneys. About a dozen such letters have gone out.

"We're very happy to see state legislators and executives that are doing what's best for the people of their state," and are not letting themselves be intimidated by the letters, Fox said to The MJ Business Update.

He said that while these letters may have appeared to be very threatening, there have been no raids of facilities that were in clear and unambiguous compliance with their state laws since a 2009 Department of Justice memo. And there's been no prosecution of state employees who administered state laws.

"So just because the U.S. attorneys were saying they could prosecute, their track record has shown they will not, and we encourage states to try and regulate dispensaries despite these warnings," Fox said.

Earlier this week, the Maryland governor signed a bill that eliminated the possibility of a criminal conviction as part of an affirmative defense, but patients may still be subject to arrest and a fine.

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i have been a delawarean all 58 yrs of my life and i got to say :goodjob: to all the people involved in this compassionate caring law.:thumb:
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