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Democrat Plans Bill To Allow Medicinal Marijuana


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Outspoken South Australian Democrat Sandra Kanck wants marijuana to be legalised for medicinal purposes, and has begun working on a bill to put to parliament.

The plan would remove fines for people who are using marijuana that has been medically prescribed.

"I have numerous examples where people have found that they are not adequately cared for under palliative care," Ms Kanck said.

"The drugs don't work, and we need to use a drug such as this that has a proven record."

Ms Kanck said patients with diseases such as cancer, MS, AIDS and diabetes could be eligible, and pointed to similar laws already in use in Spain, Canada, the Netherlands and parts of the US.

"We already use morphine for pain relief," she said. "Tightly controlled medical marijuana is a common sense way of reducing the suffering of many South Australians."

Ms Kanck has previously campaigned for voluntary euthanasia in South Australia.

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