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Denver Major And Four Counsil Members Smoked Pot

Jim Finnel

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Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper and four City Council members have admitted using pot in the past, a newspaper reported today.

Others, such as council members Carol Boigon and Chris Nevitt, were more coy.

"I'm going to go on record saying I've never smoked pot. I've also never parked illegally and never sped," Nevitt jokingly told the Denver Daily News.

"I'm 60 years old. I went to school at the University of Michigan. Do a little research," Boigon said, according to the newspaper.

The report comes in advance of a vote tonight on whether or not to refer to voters an initiative that would make adult possession of less than an ounce of marijuana the "lowest priority" for police.

Hickenlooper told the paper he made "personal choices" when he was younger that he neither supports nor condones now.

Council members Rick Garcia, Marcia Johnson, Carla Madison and Jeanne Robb also told the paper they've "smoked or ingested" pot.

"I had a brownie once. There may have even been a bowl going with it ..." Johnson said, according to the report. "I got a good taste and even a case of the giggles."

Council President Michael Hancock and council members Jeanne Faatz and Paul Lopez said they've never smoked weed.

Charlie Brown, Peggy Lehmann, Doug Linkhart and Judy Montero declined to say whether or not they've ever used pot.

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Source: Rocky Mountain News
Author: Daniel J. Chacon
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wow, cool story. Its good to see some news from Denver. This is the first place i read the article, although i had read about the proposed measure in the denver post. it sounds like a really weird situation really. pass a new law so they can then overturn it more easily then if the voters pass it themselves. It will pass and then they will immediately set to work on undoing it. which is funney because under denver city law pot is legal to posses by adults 21 years and older.
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