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Depth of water in a DWC


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Thanks Stitoed, after reading this thread I think I won't flush. Still haven't my pH measurer back (under repair) and no one can tell me if flushing with just tap water without controlling the pH would harm my harvest. I am going to lower the ppm to 600 and then cure the weed for one month or more and see if it finally affects the flavor and roughness or not. I appreciate your help but in this forum there's a lot of contradictory information and guess I will have to find out by myself which is the correct way to do it, cheers ...
Ive heard quite a few arguements about flushing. I flush because its so easy in RDWC. I need as clean a bud as i can make because i tend to cough a lot. If you only have a week or so till you pull them then theres little a Ph problem can do.

The secret to wading through these forums and all their conflicting info is reading books on the subject. Jorge Cervantes' Encyclopedia is an excellent example. In it you will find ways to diagnose excesses and deficiencies by the location of the problem on the plant then identifying if its a mobile and immobile nutrient... honestly the best way to figure all that out. Ed Rosenthal is another great author.

Is sounds like youre a little pissed about your experience here. I hope not. There are other forums, but more than a few just take a topic and argue about it. I hope you find what youre looking for. If not, im not opposed to trying to answer a question or two... ask me


High Stitoed, not really pissed off but may be disappointed because of not finding good solutions for my problems. I appreciate your advice but here in Spain it is still illegal to grow and buying such books online is giving too much info. I think you're right and there will not be much trouble with the pH for just one week, I will flush today ...

RDWC might be a good system, but for just one plant I think I will stick to DWC. Fortunately, I hadn't any problem this time with pests (it's winter here) and nutrient burns or deficiencies (that was solved by buying an EC measurer), maybe you need to read books if you're a pro but for private consume you can get enough info in the net.

I also coughed a lot so I finally bought a watered vaporizer, now everything is smooth and I enjoy the flavor and experience:


I think it is healthier to use it. Thanks for your help and kindness ...
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