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Derbybud's New Adventures With Nothing In Particular Going On: We'll See


Photo of the Month - Mar 2018
Hey Derbybud here.
Started this new journal so others can keep up with my happenings this winter. Other than having 2 Cherry Bomb autos that I have going from Bomb Seeds I don't know what's in store. I have a bigger girl that broke coco on Oct. 26 and a mini girl that stuck her head thru the next day. They get their sunlight from my QB's and will be fed from the Advance Nutrition feedlot.
Here they are this evening at day 17
and here was the big girl after she got a bit of training last night. (day 16)
Wow it seems like it was just the other day they looked like twins but that was 14 days ago
Don't know why the one that is a day younger has just stop doing what I need her to do but here we are. GROW, you're an auto. Time's a wastin.
Well if you don't know me I may as well tell ya all why I grow. It started for my daughter (Lopin&Smokin), who has numerous conditions that makes her doctors think she should take numerous meds which makes her need more meds to counter her reactions from the other drugs. Watching her at a young age get addicted to Perks and be put on chemo drugs that made her hair fall out was all this father could take. After watching in the background on 4 different sites what this plant could do I decided to give it a go. Wrong! First grow was a complete failure. And this is from a guy who grew up on a farm and has a pretty decent vegetable garden. So finally I got enough courage to get my paranoid ass to join 420. With great encouragement I was even talked into posting pictures. I know right. Well like all you guys know this great site made it their project to help me thru a decent next harvest of 4 autos. Nothing spectacular but we made it to the finish line and ended up with some really good meds for Lopin.
So now we have progress over the last year to the Derby dungeon. Complete with home made QB panel lights, auto watering systems, drip pans and other out of the box thinking ideas. (cure in a turkey bag??? WHAT???) Yes a turkey bag.
Now after receiving a nice score of seeds for my 2nd. place in photo of the month back in March, I thought I had what I needed for my winter grow. Well to the best of my knowledge I believe they got nuked in customs as none of them germinated but the Cherry Bombs that I got a month earlier and they did just fine. Upon hearing this numerous members reached out and asked if I needed seeds. Still being a little paranoid and just a bit down on myself for not being able to get so many seeds to germinate (10 f-in seeds) I declined all but one who kinda lives nearby. Well he's a very well known member who sent me one hell of a gift package with seeds, seeds and more seeds this past weekend. It was like Christmas at the Derby household. I couldn't believe this members generosity. I'm wanting to get started with this great gift but I'll be out of town for a few days so I won't be dropping beans till probably the weekend. Some of these seeds are pretty special so some time this winter the Derby is going plunge into seed making. Hopefully like everything else that goes on here I can get the help needed for a successful harvest of seeds. I'm sure that won't be a problem as somehow the best always show up to help and banter my out of the box thinking to keep me in line. Or hell maybe it's the bags of poofs I always have. I don't know or care as long as they show up.
Well like always getting a bit winded and just need to get this party started.
Thanks for stoppin by


Photo of the Month - Mar 2018
Based on your harvests while I was away, whatever it is will be very nicely grown... you've been killing it.
I'm doing better. It really helped me when you talked me into the group 420 harvest. Comparing and taking daily about what we were all doing. That was great. Till you had to get sick on us. Lol


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