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Design of a small basement grow room - need your opinions please!


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Hello there,

I'm going to start my first grow, and I need you opinions on the design of the basement with my equipment.
little information on my equipment:
* I'm going to grow on soil 3 plants. (this basement will host them in the entire stages of growth)
* I'm going to grow on LED lights ,180W full spectrum. (I will buy more lights that are dedicated to the flower stage later....)
*the basement is about 3M high on 2.5M and 3.5M width.
this is the sketch-up:

*one of the ducts will push air in, and the other will take air out. the window and the door are closed.
*i have TWO S&P inline fans, TD-160/100 N SILENT , you can see details here: http://www.solerpalau.ro/docs/catalogo_general/en_586_596_td_silent_fid5841.pdf (the table is on the forth page, first line)
*i will put an extra fan next to the plants.

Now for the questions:

1) how does it looks in general
Do I need to make a partition with a reflective mylar? like in the draw above. or is it OK without that.

2) And if so, connect the ducts inside the grow partition or outside of it. (the inline fans force is enough?)

*I live in the middle-east so my climate semi-arid climate, hence it's quite hot in the day and in the night the temperatures drops really low, IN RELATIVE to the day temperatures.
this is the chart of temperatures and climate in my area:

3) So my question is: Should I turn off the inline fan, that brings air from outside, when the temperatures drops below X degrees at night? or turn off both fans? or keep them both on?
(the basement is kept quite cold during the hot noon time)

Thank you in advanced, and sorry for all the questions. :)
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