Designing an op for a 13x15 space


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So I'm trying to design a grow room for a 13x15 space. I plan on using the ebb and flow (flood and drain) system. I've only ever grown in soil before, so any advice on the flood and drain system would be appreciated. Also input on the types of strains that work best in a sog environment. Below you will see a picture of the floorplan I've designed. I already have a 4x4 tent so I'm planning to use that as a mother room and cloning area. I want to run a perpetual cycle so I think I'll be OK with the 4x4 tent. I'm choosing to go with an 8x8 space for the flower room which I will be building myself, in order to have a sealed room and take advantage of co2.
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I plan to run 3,000 watts in total, 1 600w per table. I'll be running 4 plants/sq. ft. in 4" rockwool cubes. I'm going to cool the lights with a 1024cfm 10" inline fan (exhaust). Going to purchase a 12k BTU mini split for additional cooling.

What do you guys think so far? All advice and criticism is more than welcome. Help me build my dream room! :)
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