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Desperately need help finding Doctor in/near Kamloops B.C.


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Hi to everyone,

I desperately need help finding a doctor in Kamloops, British Columbia. I've been sick for five years now and have been heavily medicated on different pain killers the entire time. I have lower back and groin pain with nerve damage from my lower back right to my toes. Unfortunately none of the doctors or specialists have been able to come up with a diagnosis.

Anyhow, one of the specialist recommended I try using marijuana, I said no so prescribed me a pill version called cesamet. Anyhow it helps a lot but I suffer a severe side effect from it. It makes me groggy for three days after taking one dose.

Then a couple weeks ago I had an appointment with a Shrink who specializes in being people cope with severe chronic pain told me to try smoking pot. Sorry, he said "I can't tell you to try it but a lot of my patients tell me they get relief from smoking and it helps them sleep at night.

So a few days later I approached my doctor about it. Told him about what the specialist told me (he has records of it already), the shrink told me and asked if he would fill out the paper work so I could try it. He refused outright. Yet is okay prescribing me the pill version cesamet.

I researched pot and if it helps with painrelief and find out it helps, duh! Its a no-brainer.

So I tried some and got relief and no bad side effects (groggy for 3 days). I approached my doctor again, with facts this time and he still says no. Because he doesn't want the doctors college to look down on him and he doesn't want to do the paperwork that goes with it.

Help me please someone!



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Thanks for the info guys, but I don't have the cash. Plus its medical and I shouldn't have to pay a doctor to fill out medical forms 400. I am sick, can't work, haven't worked for 5 years and used up my savings.

Thank you anyhow.
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