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Despite New Law, Unlicensed Olympia Pot Shop Remains Open

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Thurston Co., Washington - Newly enacted medical marijuana laws were supposed to shut down all unlicensed dispensaries by Friday, July 1.

But Olympia's Sonshine Organics, whose owners say has a medical license "pending" with the state, remained open.

Joe Hyer, who heads up Sonshine Organics' Government and Community Affairs, said the location has marijuana on-site that needs to go to patients.

"Patients have specific needs for specific strains for specific conditions," said Hyer.

He said the location may close in a month or two, depending on its license application status.

"Technically they are breaking the law," said Thurston County Sheriff John Snaza.

Snaza visited with as many as 20 unlicensed medical dispensaries in the county ahead of Friday's deadline reminding them of the deadline. While he said forcing Sonshine Organics to close is possible at some point, he worries the clinic's marijuana might end up on the black market.

"That's my biggest fear," said Snaza.

The Department of Health blamed a computer glitch for almost delaying the launch of the new system, but early Friday the state launched its new medical marijuana database.

"Change is hard," said Kristi Weeks, Department of Health's Policy Counsel.

Patients who register into the state's database receive a medical marijuana card and can purchase pot from licensed locations without having to pay sales tax.

They can also qualify for home growing operations and can buy three times as much marijuana as recreational users.


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