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Detectives Eradicate Marijuana Cultivation Site Discovered In Overflight

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California - A marijuana cultivation site in the Middletown area was confirmed during an overflight mission conducted by the Sheriff's Narcotics Task Force last week and subsequently eradicated this past Tuesday. On Friday, May 9, narcotics detectives conducted a routine overflight of the Middletown area, according to sheriff's Lt. Steve Brooks. The purpose of the overflights is to seek out probable illicit marijuana growing operations, Brooks said. He said narcotics detectives confirmed a report of 10 large greenhouses on an undeveloped parcel of property in the Jerusalem Valley area of Middletown.

From the air, detectives were able to see a large number of marijuana plants growing inside the structures. Detectives also noticed several subjects running from the area on foot. On Tuesday, May 13, narcotics detectives responded to the parcel of property — located in the 25000 block of Jerusalem Grade in Middletown — containing the greenhouses, Brooks said. Detectives were unable to locate anyone at the property. However, Brooks said they found a total of 1,681 marijuana plants which were eradicated from the property. Lake County Community Development was called to assist and tagged the property for cleanup and abatement, Brooks said. Brooks said the investigation is ongoing and detectives are pursuing all leads to identify the suspect, or suspects, responsible for the illegal cultivation of marijuana.


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No doubt. They actually practice this technique quite a bit it seems. If so, the case gets thrown out, but nothing happens to the one's who made the bust. How does that work, lol.

that really sounds like an illegal search.


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"From the air, detectives were able to see a large number of marijuana plants..."

Good thing you can't see people giving you the finger from the air. :)
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