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Detox drink reviews


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I had a drug test coming up so I quit smoking for about four months, except for one batty and one day I had a few cheba chews two months ago. I was confident I would pass my test as I wasn't smoking heavily before quitting and took two hits off a bong to celebrate a friends birthday after my test yesterday. I naturally drink a lot of water and didn't think much of it but now I have been told my urine was too diluted and I'll need to retest! The retest will be within the next week and I'm stressing over the two hits I took. What cannabinoid detox kits/drinks have any of you used that worked. I think I will have to use one to help with this second test, which I have to pass! This test is for a program and not just a job so I'm worried the test will need to be under 20 ng instead of 50 ng. I'm decently healthy, 5'11, 175 lbs.
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