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Hi everyone, I’m new here and admittedly only signed up to get some advice. I hope that’s okay. I have been unemployed for 3 months and am up for a job I really want. I need to pass their drug test though. Some background information, heavy, multiple times a day user for at least a year maybe two. For the past 6-9 months I was consuming heavily concentrated homemade brownies daily. I stopped all forms of use in the beginning of November and had a small bite of a brownie around thanksgiving time. Other than that small bite it’s been 2 months of no consumption in any form. I’m still testing positive on my home tests. It feels like it’s been too long of not ingesting anything to still test positive but I suppose it’s attributed to my being overweight and having been such a heavy user. I can’t afford to try every detox pill and drink on the market and that’s why I’m here. I would love to hear some qualified advice from someone on what they recommend I do in the next week to clear out my system. My home test is getting a very very faint line for negative, I think, so I’m hoping a lot of the thc is cleared out however it’s really important that I get this job so I’m willing to do what I need to insure proper detox. I’m female, moderately active (I’m a mom so I don’t sit on my butt all day) no specific exercise regime, I drink a pretty decent amount of water, I’m 5’8 around 250lbs otherwise quite healthy. I did experience loss of a pregnancy in the last month which has my hormones and body acting off. I understand and have done basic detoxing teqniues, not just for thc but health in general and am prepared for any advice. Based on what I’ve shared does anyone have any advice please?


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You could try taking zinc-it's been known to "muddy the waters" of the urine test,giving a false negative if your THC levels are low.
Being a bit overweight does mean it takes considerably longer for the THC to leave your system.
Hopefully,your prospective employer doesn't do a hair test-anyone who's gotten high in the last 6 months will be screwed if that's the case...
Welcome to 420..and best of luck on your test!


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Drink a shit ton of water before you go—a metric shit ton, not American. This is critical. Make sure your taking squirts like a beer drinker. Once your pissing crystal clear water, go for your test. This doesn’t clean out your system but it can result in negative test results. I have used this with success in the past after only quitting for a day or so.