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Detoxification from Opiates by Michael

Julie Gardener

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Detoxification from Opiates by Michael​

In reading the stories at your site, I noticed one like my-own doesn't yet exist. In the coming days I will start to write.

I used Cannabis as an exit-med, during a detox from ten years of methadone maintence.

Today it continues to assist in my recovery, keeping me introspective, free of pain, and peaceful in a mode of 'self preservation' at times when the urge to use opiates does occur.

I think cannabis has awesome potential to assist in detox situations. During the past 10 years I tried many times to detox from my 40-80mg a day dose, all unsuccessful until I read a Dutch addict's account of his cannabis experience. It is interesting to note that this man went on to become the most famous cannabis breeder in the world, his strains and hybrids are regarded as the foundation for most of today's leading genetics.

Cannabis may indeed be a gateway by the Prohibition proxy, however it truly is a gate that 'swings both ways'.

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