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Dhetep Fogponic & Hydro Grow


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Currently growing four strains, Afgan, Bubble Gum, Hash Plant, and BlueBerry
Using a fogponic system all plants started from seeds.

I started this grow February 1st 2010.

System Specs

48" X 24" X 6" Unit
2 distribution res 1 main res
uses 12 liters of water with gen hydro grow, bloom, micro
two nebulizers

four 4' flo tubes 2 cool 2 warm
1 400w MH for flowering

CO2 yeast, sugar and water mixture

H2O2 15ml once a week

I am using fogponincs to speed veg growth and ebb and flow hydro for flowering right now. I will implement mist areo unit for flowering once my ladies complete their current cycle.

I didn't start takeing pictures of the plants until the second week of growth, "forgot" This is my second grow. My first grow was with Hydroponincs. I found i was wasteing a lot of water and nut. This systems uses 12 liters of water for up to 24 plants. I am using a 3 part gen hydro for the veg stage and Ionic grow, bloom and boost for the flowering stage. Currently plants are flowring in a ebb and flow hydroponic system. The plants grew faster than I expected and I wasn't able to complete the areo flowering unit in time.

Below are the seeddlings placed in rabbit rooter on January 25th. By February 2nd most were more than two inches tall.

Below are the Week of February 8th, I place the rest of my sprouting seeds in the unit. continued with the recomended amounts of nuts from the Gen hydro nut calculator on there website.

Below growth at Feb 24th

3/3/2010: 8 of the 18 planted had out grew the zeg unit size which will only house plants under 12" I had to create a small vaporponic unit for the the flowring plants as I still had my first grow in the flowring room using a ebb and flow Hydroponincs

The small Vaporponinc Flowr unit

1st grow in the flowring room in Ebb flow system

3/28/2010: The flowring room is currently full now with 8 plants 3 of the initial 6 turned out male. The growing unit contains four plants waiting to flower and the rest are clones. I am conducting an experiment in pruning and training. The goal of this experiment is the slow the growth of my veging plants to keep them at 12" and create a small bush that can be used for scrog. The pictures below show the pruned plants and the clones.

This grow has uses 12 liters of water, res is changed every two weeks. The nebulizers do heat the nuts but I haven't seen any adverse affects. The PH stays fairly consistent range of change is 5.8 to 6.0. When I refresh the nutes I start the PH at 5.8, using tap water. The nebulizers seem to do better if you don't clean them every week. Currently using teflon disks for the nebulizers.

I started my first grow with a drip hydro system couldn't afford to by one so I built one using gallon milk jugs and I.V. tubes from the doctors office so I could control the drip. I work like a charm. I was able to slow the drip when I saw signs of nut burn or increase when i saw signs of def. However it was a pain changing the nuts each plant had it's own jug and it just took up to much vertical space hanging jugs are hard to hide.
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:welcome: to 420Mag man! Looks good, if you get some time skip over to the intro thread and say High! :peace: and this guy OBXGardener has some crazy fog stuff in his grow... :welcome: :nicethread: :peace:


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4/5/2010 Changed nutes in the veg compartment. The pruned plants are getting very bushy now that the fan leaves are gone. pics coming soon


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ok I been slippin wit my journal so here is my up date for the last couple of weeks.

4/10 clones not growing I realized later that 24 hr lights doesn't work reduced lights to 18hrs. Clones in the same unit as veging plants.
Res 12lt
gh grw 30 ml
gh mic 20 ml
gh blm 6.5 ml
PH 5.8

Older plants also growing slow and showing signs of nut def.

Moved 6 of the older plants into flower to sex
res 16 lt
gh grw 42 ml
gh mic 42ml
gh bloom 42 ml
PH 5.6

two turned out to be males

res 12lt
gh grow 40ml
GH mic 24ml
gh blm 6
PH 5.8

Pruned plants were slow to recover. but are starting to grow new branches now with out fan leaves.

4/26 currently in flwr
Have 2 Bubble Gum, 1 Hash Plant, 1 Noumena, 2 Afgan

I am taking better notes now and will be able to provide more detailed info in the future.
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