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Dhlx Grows His First 2 Little Autos


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OK, so i am back to growing after a largish (12+ year) break and during my "research" found out quite a bit about autos and having never grown them before thought i would give it a go..

My other half said "No problem, as long as you can do it without buying anything "new" technology/grow wise"

So my grow as it stands has been running since the 2 little plants popped on the 4th October and has had its ups and downs but that's growing for ya :)

so some info about what i am growing


Royal Queen Seeds - Royal Creamatic (1 plant)
Royal Queen Seeds - Quick One (1 plant)

these are grown in Soil (no amendments but i know it is not a nutrient rich compost as i use it for other plants too) and secreted away on a shelf that i use to normally grow seedlings, this shelf has maybe 40cm height, will measure next time i am out there

Pot Size - WAY TOO SMALL... not full 5l polypots

Lighting - Growth technology T5 propagation light, 2 x 24w T5 (probably 6500k tubes, i know the plants could do with a different spectrum but this is what i have that works)

Temps are all over the place as this is in the shed and it is nearly winter...

Watering every other day but will become every day in a few days

Nutes - Using Biobizz bloom and topmax at the moment at half ish strength.

Now over to my phone so i can add pics....hopefully


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So some pics....

Ahhh, when they were little....



Growing fast... about 12 days old



About 4 weeks old...


And today....



Had some clawing problems but think it was nitrogen overdose so flushed and made sure to avoid grow nutes and seems to be sorting itself out [emoji1]


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Ok so a little update

Had to "train" the creamatic a little bit as it was stretching towards the light and starting to get close... opens up some more flowering points though so hopefully all good...


Going to have to also tie down the main stem of the Quick One as it is also nearing the light... I'll do this later on today


I have a few more inches of movement on the height of the light so I will raise it again probably next week but then it will be at its maximum so hopefully will have enough room for any new growth/stretch



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Since buds are forming, I believe stretch is going to be over ,pretty soon:thumb:
That is what I thought..

The creamatic shouldn't get much bigger now.. maybe an inch or 2 max ...

The quick one is just plodding away but started flowering a few weeks later than the creamatic so might gain 3 or 4 more inches .. taking it to maximum height for growspace [emoji2]
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