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Diablo OG x White Widow

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a week or so before i harvested, going two weeks longer on the next gen already at one month two weeks flower. It's good smoke but I want it to be great.


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well well love is better the second time around. Ladies and gents the aforementioned Afg x Ss as it is one hour ago w 2 to 3 weeks left to go under 2 one thousand watt LEDs ( w 2 diablo x WW in 2 different containers and flower stages)
Looking good. You have a nice looking harvest coming up. Looks like you got a good 3+ ounces there.

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ok crickets lets end this gripper of a diary w a group shot. The last plant yielded 3.4 ounces, good enough for me. dried, jarred n burped the two month cure begins, tent is packed lights stored. I peruse qb lights and autos, will start a new style grow in a few weeks. Cheers.
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