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Diamond python in my grow room.

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A trusted mate came for a visit tonight, and we got to blazen some Haze. Then into the grow room with a Diamond Python. This is a canna-guard! Six and a half foot of lethal power. Eats intruders. Gets fed feral cats and canna thieves lol. Takes no prisoners.
I hope that you enjoy the images. My friend Nigel and I are having a ball while we do this. He is not well at the moment and my current grow is now dedicated to him.
The plants you can see are the G13 White Widow - Piefke's Power. They are now 18" and in day 3 of flowering.
The snake is from near where I live.





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Smokin Moose

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Damn snake! It just wrapped around one of my plants and would not let go. Poor plant looks like it has been supercropped lol. The snake is fine. She loved the warm air in the grow room, She got very active very quick. This is a constricting snake and is very powerful.
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I can just picture you guys having a great time....But you wouldn't catch me any where near that snaaaaaake!!:laugh2:

Btw, the ninja look is also very entertaining :laugh2:

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No mate, critters and weed do not mix. THC can have a bad effect on some lower mammal species such as canines and felines.
A stoned snake...nah.
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