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For a guy like me who is obsessive about grow room cleanliness... I sure seem to fight alot of pests! I spent 5 weeks cleaning and sterilizing my room and equiptment after a mite problem in December. I destroyed the crop and went above and beyond to make sure it doesn't happen again.
I began a new crop and sure enough... more issues. The promix medium that I got had hibernating thrips in it! I noticed about 5 days after using it. I only found three but that was enough for me to start taking counter measures.
So far here is what has been done.... I shook all of the plants, then I vacuumed everything room, plants, top of soil, etc. Then I sprayed neem oil on everything. I washed the whole room out AGAIN, and hung sticky traps(14 days later and not one bug on the traps). Now we get to the Diatomaceous Earth(D.E.). I am using Amorphous D.E. I put it in a clean spice bottle and sprinkled it eavenly on the soil... then watered. I then sprinkled more on the soil. I also covered cotton guaze with D.E. and wrapped it lightly and loosely around the base of the stem.
Now... my question....
Can you use too much D.E.? I see no info on overuse... it is only crushed pre-historic sea shells. Can too much D.E. hurt the plants? What about if it gets on the leaves? Is it bad to wash it into the soil?
I can't see any dangers but I thought I would see if anyone else has any info that I am missing?
FYI... I have checked thouroughly over the last few days with a loupe and magnifying glass and have not been able to locate even one thrip.. or any other kind of bug for that matter so I am happy about that. I will still spray them with neem once a week for a couple more weeks and unless someone has any objections I will continue to sprinkle the soil with D.E. after each watering untill near the end when I start flushing.
Let me know what you think?
I will consider posting some pics soon of my set up... I am very proud of my room and what it can produce. :smokin3:
Thanx in advance,

Re: Diatomaceous earth Q's.

I had to post an update. I seem to have won the battle! After my regiment that I listed above I have not seen any thirps or damage. Maybe there wee only a few to begin with but I seem to have stopped them.
I do have to say that D.E. is a great thing! Here is one of many articles on it that is very informative.


I have also noticed that many people believe that D.E is illeagal in Canada? I have seen this said more than once? It in easily available here and the type I purchased was even made here.

It gets my stamp of approval! :)

BTW.. it might affect PH but when I find out for sure I will post and let you know.

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