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Photo of the Month: Feb 2019
Hello everyone! Welcome to my garden, old friends, new friends, soon to be friends. I had been away from here for a little while, since sometime back in October maybe and I am now back to start up another journal. I was still growing in between and harvested a couple of nice size plants, all of the ones that were vegging then are now switched to flower and I have some new strains at 1 week old on my veg side. Pull up some chairs everyone and lets have a look into what I have going on and some specifics on the room and garden.

What strain is it? Various strains new and old.
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Various as well, interested in sativa's.
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Both, 2 rooms and seedling/clone area.
If in Veg... For how long? 6 seedlings 1 week old.
If in Flower stage... For how long? 8 females switched to flower a week ago.
Indoor or outdoor? Indoors
Soil or Hydro? Soil-less mix (Pro-mix HP)
If soil... what is in your mix? Sphagnum peat, perlite, vermiculite, dolomitic and calcitic limestone, wetting agent, mycorrhizae and biofungicide.
If soil... What size pot? 20oz < 1 gallon < 3/5 gallon
Size of light? Seedlings - 4 x 54W T5's, Veg - 1200W LED panel (draws 586W), Flower - 430W HPS ... LED is in flower room right now but will be switching it up I think.
Is it aircooled? LED panel has 4 heatsinks and fans built in, each room has oscillating fans as well, hps does not have a cooled hood.
Temp of Room/cab? Veg room: 20 to 25 Celsius, Flower room: 17-22 Celsius (this varies with our outside temps or if I need the heater going.
RH of Room/cab? Seedlings: roughly 80% under domes, Veg room: 40% until I move the humidifier in soon, Flower room: 50-60% ( these will also vary in the basement with outside weather conditions)
Size of room: 10'x12' room divided in 2 for veg and flower
PH of media or res? Right around 7ph with my meter
Any Pests ? The odd spider and maple bug, nothing to hurt them yet.
How often are you watering? Seedlings haven't gotten watered yet since planting seeds, flowering plants are every 3 to 5 days depending on RH and size of plant.
Type and strength of ferts used? General Hydroponics 3 part flora series plus full line of additives (expect floralicious plus) Micro, Gro, Bloom, Rapid Start, Armour Si, Flora Blend, Diamond Nectar, Flora Nectar, Liquid KoolBloom, CaliMagic and Flora Kleen

Now that the main info about the garden is all done we can move along to the seedlings. I will just start with what we have going on right now in the veg room, the lights were soon to go out and my camera was dying so I couldn't get everyone in the flower room yet. I also still have some more strains to unveil at a later date, they were some freebies I got :) So lets get started shall we, pull up a seat!


Amherst Sour Diesel - Humboldt Seeds
80% Sativa / 20% Indica
27.1% THC / 0.1% CBD
Flowering time indoors: 65-70 days
Indoor yield: 10-15oz/yd2
Outdoor yield: 71-106oz/plant
Outdoor height: 7'-10'


CBD Jam - Delicious Seeds
50% Sativa / 50% Indica
4% THC / Up to 13% CBD (1:1 to 1:2 ratio they describe)
Flowering time indoors: 50-60 days
Indoor yield: 350-500g/m2
Outdoor yield: 800g/plant
Lineage: Carmen x Marmalate
Taste: Fruity (pineapple)
(No breeder pack as this was a single I purchased)


Dark Devil Auto - Sweet Seeds
Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis Hybrid
No THC/CBD percentages.
Flowering time indoors: 57-63 days
Indoor yield: 400-600g/m2
Outdoor yield: 50-200g/plant
Lineage: Big Devil XL Auto x Exotic Purple Ruderalis
Height: 80-130cm


Kilimanjaro - World of Seeds
100% Sativa - Landrace Strain
15-20% THC
Flowering time indoors: 60-70 days
Flowering time outdoors: Early November
Indoor yield: 350g
Outdoor yield: 400-600g
Height: Up to 2.5m outdoors
Lineage: Kenya, Africa


Purple Orange CBD - DinaFem Seeds
60% Sativa / 40% Indica
5% THC / 10% CBD
Flowering time indoors: 55-60 days
Flowering time outdoors: Mid October
Yield indoors: 500g/m2
Yield outdoors: 1000g/plant
Outdoor height: Up to 3m
Lineage: California Orange Diesel x California Orange Diesel


Tutankhamon - Pyramid Seeds
60% Sativa / 40% Indica
23% THC / 1.8% CBD
Flowering time indoors: 60 days
Flowering time outdoors: Mid October
Yield indoors: 600g/m2
Height: 80-130cm
Lineage: AK47 parents


And there we have it folks.. Those are some pictures and stats on the seedling gals. Another day we will get on to the girls in the flower room and get them all sorted out with a bit of information as well. I would do more tonight but the computer was acting up earlier and it's getting late. Here is a picture of the flower room for now though, 8 plants in there, 5 photo's and 3 auto's but 1 of the auto's is gonna go, it's done for.

Thanks all for stopping by. If there is anything I left out or if any of you would like to ask some questions just go ahead and let me know. I don't mind explaining things or helping people out. Until next time, take care! :thanks:


Plant of the Month: June 2016 - Nug of the Month: Aug 2017
Looking good mate, got some nice strains starting.. Good to see you back :48:


Photo of the Month: Feb 2019
Thanks grizz, glad to have ya here and glad to be back at it. I can't wait to see these strains start out their adventure, trying some different breeders for a change and see how they go. All the girls in the flower room are from cropking seeds except for 1 nuken bagseed I found. See what happens :)


Photo of the Month: Feb 2019
Yup that's right dirt, happy to see you're still here man. I read you had some family issues during the time I was gone, hope all is well my friend! Thanks for being here, will get some more done up on this journal over the next couple days.

dirt mcgert

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Thanks Dick, yeah had to take care of my mom till she was able to get around again so my garden suffered while I was away. Back at again though lol. Started germing some more this morning.....gotta get those tents filled back up.


Photo of the Month: Feb 2019
Right on Shruum! Happy to see ya here. I'm sure Snid will be along at some point, he's a busy man ya know lol

Also, you forgot something to drink with everything you brought, need something to wash down them munchies haha Gotcha covered!


New Member
that's what I get for bringing a bean bag chair instead of a folding chair with a cup holder, I forgot all about the drinks but thanks for being a good host and bring me a beer and this is for you...:48:


Photo of the Month: Feb 2019
Perfect Shruum! Just got done supper after a day of work in the shop, time to sit down and smoke that puppy! :48:


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One thing I can say about the GC's is that it is the smoothest strain and least harsh of all the strains I've grown with CKS seeds, oh and the yield was awesome!:51:


Photo of the Month: Feb 2019
**Update time**

Hey everyone, it's a couple days later now and thought I would get another update done for you all since it's nice watching the babies grow so much :) Only they aren't really growing at the pace I would like, maybe it's just me and I'm impatient.. lol Some people get really fast seedling growth though so it could just be the environment. Still been leaving the domes on all the seedlings in attempt to keep the humidity up for them. Will get things switched around by the weekend and have them under the LED panel. I still haven't gotten enough time after work to get the flower room pictures done, very soon I promise!

Anyway, lets get on with the little ladies in the garden. They will all be receiving a nice light feeding tonight, this will be mostly to get the rapid start in there for the root system. Schedule calls for 2ml/Micro - 1ml/Gro - 1ml/Bloom - 2.5ml/Diamond Nectar - 5ml Flora Blend.. I will also add in 2ml Rapid start to get the roots going, schedule doesn't call for it until after seedling stage, just about there. All measurements are ml per gallon and I will only be feeding at half strength to start from the above measurements.

**All plants in veg right now are 9 days old**


Amherst Sour Diesel

CBD Jam​

Dark Devil Auto​


Purple Orange CBD​



That's it for today folks. If there's any questions don't hesitate to ask, I don't mind sharing and chatting. Once we get posting some more we will generate some more traffic I'm sure :) Thanks all for stopping by! :thanks:


Photo of the Month: Feb 2019
One thing I can say about the GC's is that it is the smoothest strain and least harsh of all the strains I've grown with CKS seeds, oh and the yield was awesome!:51:
Ah yes, I have wanted to try the Green Crack at some point. I just decided to try some different breeders this time since I have 8 CKS strains already. I just had to know what some of them were like and compare later. Once I get a chance and get into detail about my flower room I will explain some of the issues I was having before with some of the CKS strains. Now I'm not saying it is the breeders fault, most likely mine, just bad luck with some. I haven't grown every one of my CKS strains to flower yet but the remaining ones are on their way now :) I got 4 oz's plus trimmings from my last 2 plants, Purple Kush and CB Dream. Will dig up a few pics off my phone some day of them, didn't journal them. Getting better each time.


Photo of the Month: Feb 2019
Hey... that reminds me, I have a Green Crack bean in my stash, I think it's an auto version though. I would have to look


Photo of the Month: Feb 2019
**Quick Update**

Hey there, just stopping in for a quicky here tonight in my garden. I got done work a little early today, but I still didn't get them darn pictures of the flowering girls like I was supposed to. I know, I know, slacker! lol But, I did manage to get everything switched around to sort of the way I want it, will do some fine tuning over the weekend. And yes, I will get the pictures and info all done up for the flower room, I tried all sorts of different methods with these plants and they are all different shapes and sizes :)

So.. I got the HPS light set up in the flower room (which I was vegging in for a short time) and took the LED panel out to put in the seedling and veg side along with the humidifier. I was sure to keep the light 3 feet away from the plants for now with only the veg switch turned on to get the little ones used to it first.
I am going to have trouble getting the humidity up in this side of the room until I can get it sealed up, will try to get at that this weekend as well. I also have a small space heater running in the veg room to keep the girls happy especially over night. Eventually I will be splicing into a furnace duct leading to my garage right thru the garden room and installing a "T" with a damper to control the heat flow.

That's pretty much it for now I think.. This weekend will be a much better update for you all, I will be busy busy that is for sure. Thanks all for stopping in! Here is 1 picture of the flower room for now along with some of the veg side.



Photo of the Month: Feb 2019
plulling up a seat, best of luck to you
Thanks for joining us tom! Pull up a seat with us for a puff and a brew if you'd like. Things are just getting started around here! Glad to have ya here :48:


Photo of the Month: Feb 2019
**Update time**

Hello once again and hope you all had a great weekend where ever you all were. It was gorgeous outside this weekend so I took advantage of starting to get out veggie garden ready, brought in some more top soil, spread in some promix and perlite to lighten it up, now to get it tilled in. Also transplanted some veggies into larger containers, my daughter wanted to help with her pumpkins, she was so excited and did really well! She will soon have a green thumb like her dad :)

I also managed to get the seedlings all transplanted into their larger homes for now, this is where they will stay likely until almost ready to flip into flower so they can establish a nice root ball. The DDA is in her final home which is just over a 1 gallon pot. I used the same medium, Pro-mix HP and I also added another 30% or more perlite to it in hope of slightly better drainage and oxygen to the roots. Will see how it compares to some of the other grows with it. I only gave the new medium straight RO water for now since the seedlings were fed last time and were still nice and moist, they shouldn't need a feeding now for close to a week depending on humidity.

Topping and training will be coming along pretty soon if they keep growing at this decent rate. DDA will be getting topped before the 3 week mark for sure, she's working on pushing out the 4th node now which is hopefully where I will get to top her, and will clip off the bottom growth and leave 4 tops to grow out, see how she looks by week end. Everyone else will grow out a good couple nodes past where I want to top them so they are nice and strong before doing so. Let these babies grow and get bushy!

Otherwise they are all still looking pretty good. They are all on day 13 now I believe as I look back on the dates, time seems to be going pretty slow lately in my world lol. Lets have a look and see how they're doing shall we..
BTW... I got pictures all taken from the flower room for you all but will have to make the post tomorrow after work, internet is pretty slow around here and wanted to keep up to date on the plants I really started this journal with. Still got lots to get done this evening around the house. Sorry for the delay, not like it's anything to special going on in there lol.


Here is the whole room this evening, about 3 hours after transplanting was done. They are loving the led :)

Amherst Sour Diesel


Dark Devil Auto


Purple Orange CBD




Photo of the Month: Feb 2019
**Flower Room Update**

Hello once again folks, as promised I have that update here on the flowering room which I'm sure some of you have been waiting to see. All the photoperiod plants in this room are 14 days into flower, the auto's I can't remember. I thought I wrote it down somewhere but can't find it. Either way, I go by the trichomes for harvest and not how long it's expected to take.

So I guess so for this update, I will go through all the plants individually and give a brief description about the strain and what I have going on that way we don't get confused :) One thing I will say, these are all strains from Crop King Seeds except for Nuken which was a bagseed.

This room is ran by a 430W HPS with batwing reflector until I can purchase another LED panel or 2. I have a 16" oscillating fan blowing towards the plants and 2 small 6" inch fans, one of which is hanging behind the hps to blow hot air away from the plants and the other is pointed towards my old style ballast to help keep it cool and circulate air around the floor.


CB Dream

80% Indica / 20% Sativa
THC: 6% CBD: 6% CBN: 0.8%
Yield: up to 400 grams
Flowering time: 8 weeks
Genetics: Blue Dream x Original Kush
(3 gallon bucket)

This is the 2nd time I have grown this strain. The first one was just as stretchy and had some nice fat buds when finished. I have only topped this plant and that's pretty much all the training she had got, next time I grow this one I will be tying her down low since she is my tallest plant lately. I tried my hand at supercropping on a couple branches to keep them down some but I'm not quite that good at it yet. She is a nice vigorous grower though and takes well to stress.


CB Dutch Treat

Sativa Dominant
THC: 4% CBD: 8% CBN: 0.6%
Yield: up to 500 grams
Flowering time: 9-10 weeks
Genetics: Azura Haze x Amnesia Haze
(3 gallon bucket)

I have not grown out one of these yet so this one will be a first and I can't wait to see it. My first one didn't like my conditions when I tried growing upstairs and the 2nd ended up being a dud, came out all yellow and didn't grow. This one on the other hand is doing wonderful and I haven't had an issue with her yet aside from pulling up the stakes she was bent down with. I tried more of a flux approach with this one but she didn't stay flat, needs to be tied down instead of staked. Topped and waited for more growth, stripped off all lower growth on the main shoots and clipped off every 2nd node on the main then topped the 2 mains again.


Hash Plant 1 & 2

80% Indica / 20% Sativa
THC: 12.1% CBD: 3.5% CBN: 3.3%
Yield: up to 300 grams indoors / 150 outdoors
Flowering time: 8 weeks
Genetics: Original Hash Plant
(3 gallon buckets)

Ok, so I have 2 of these gals and they are by far twins. Either 2 different pheno's or I mixed a couple plants up and one of them is a Dutch Treat because Hash Plant #1 looks almost identical to it if you look closely. All I know is I have 2 seeds left of each strain and I had some troubles with this strain growing upstairs and in hempys during the fall and winter months. I will know more when they are close to done :) Anyway, #1 got FIM'd and #2 was topped and laid out in a flux style as well just like Dutch Treat, but #2 is for sure a hash plant lol Both are growing nicely, no issues this time around either, I have been lucky since building the new room.

First 3 pics are Hash Plant #1 and last 3 are #2..



Sativa / Indica Hybrid
THC: 13.6%
Yield: Medium - high
Flowering time: 7-8 weeks
Genetics: God Bud x Kish
(1 gallon container)

This was some of the info I could find quickly about this strain. I had purchased some of this flower from a dispensary and found a seed in one of the buds and was the only one I ever found out of numerous bags of this strain. Not to much to say about it, pretty easy to grow and was luckily a female. I topped it and that was it, wasn't sure how resistant to turning hermie it was going to be. Another lanky one, will see what she amounts to.


Amnesia Haze Auto

Sativa Dominant
THC: 15.5% CBD: 1.2% CBN: 0.4%
Yield: up to 250 grams
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
Genetics: Lemon Haze
(1 gallon container)

This is an auto that I have grown previously in hempy buckets and wow what a couple of plants that was! Certainly have that haze genetics and were they ever frosty. Beautiful plants, but the auto's I have been growing in the promix don't even compare to the hempy ones. If anyone is interested have a look at my first journal. This girl is pretty short so hopefully the few buds will fatten up, not sure what day it's at either, will play it by eye.


Candy Cane Auto

60% Indica / 30% Sativa / 10% Ruderalis
THC: 17.8% CBD: 0.1% CBN: 0.4%
Yield: up to 200 grams
Flowering time: 7 weeks
Genetics: AK47 x Mango x White Widow
(1 gallon container)

Another auto I have grown alongside the Amnesia Haze I had. Once again, turned out great in the hempy buckets compared to this promix, must be the more hydroponic style grow they like. This strain will some out fairly frosty as well with very sweet smelling nugs, I loved it. I will have to make some seeds next time I grow it out, along with the Amnesia's. Fun to grow in between waiting for the photo girls.


Well that's about it for this one folks. Any questions feel free to ask, there is lots of stuff I have left out about the life of these plants but if you want to know something I will do my best to answer :) Now we have a fully updated journal with all the plants included (minus my veggies in the veg room) and I will try my best to keep it all up to date and maybe even start doing the 2 rooms all in one journal entry instead of separate ones if I have the time. Thank you to all that have stopped in to have a look, lets get some chatter in here, invite your friends to come watch and have a chat. I am always up for suggestions and criticism as well! :thanks:

Both rooms with plants all together
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