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Did I do the right thing?


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ok so i just had a member from this website (who ive talked to before) contact me and ask for ways to get a med card. note this person does not have a valid reason and has claimed they just want to smoke weed... heres the convo, did i come off a bit harsh and did i do the right thing?

3000: dude where do i go to get a card
3000: i got the cash
RippStah420: sorry man im not just going to send you off to get one if you dont need it
3000: wut do u mean
RippStah420: a valid medical reason for getting the card
3000: y not
3000: the point is to smoke weed
3000: not cure anything
RippStah420: uhhh not really dude
RippStah420: sorry try again
3000: i thought u smoked weed for the love of being stoned
3000: im a drug addict
3000: i dont need medical reasons
3000: lol
RippStah420: no i need it medicinally
RippStah420: thus why i got the card and why i was given the card
RippStah420: if everyone just goes and gets it then they are just going to destroy the program which is above and beyond fucked up for all of us who DO need it
3000: so ur saying if u didnt have medical reasons u wouldnt smoke weed
RippStah420: no i wouldnt get my card
RippStah420: smoke all you want
3000: all i get is club weed
3000: figure i can cut out hte middle man
RippStah420: thats nice dont ruin it for everyone else
3000: buy it myself
RippStah420: no offense man but thats just really selfish
3000: no its not, the law is selfish for making it illegal. if i can buy dank buds at a store thats all that matters
RippStah420: im sorry man but all im hearing is excuses
3000: for wut
RippStah420: its thinking like this that ruins it for those who actually need it
3000: i do need it
3000: id go insane withjout it
RippStah420: not medicinally
3000: if u need it u need it
3000: its there
RippStah420: sorry dude but im being totally serious here
RippStah420: shit like this pisses me off
3000: but if u didnt have a card and ur buying it from a street dealer then all ur doing is putting urself in more risk of jail, atl east with teh card u can get out of shit if u getp ulled over and stuff
3000: ur still getting weed
3000: club or no club
3000: all grew from seed
3000: any weed could b in the club
RippStah420: you do not
3000: so many people do it for no reason
3000: probably more then 50% r fakes
RippStah420: no
RippStah420: thats an over generalization
RippStah420: the numbers dont say that
3000: ive met alot of people with cards
3000: none of them have a real reason
3000: its bullshit things like back pain
3000: doctors dont even care
3000: they give htje cards to anyone for 200 bucks
RippStah420: well thats a handfull of people out of thousands
3000: i need it for depression
RippStah420: dude i dont care youre just doing exactly what the feds want so they can ban mj all together
RippStah420: thanks a lot from all us med patients


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I think you did the right thing man, you got my support on this!:allgood:

This one is for you!:51: :peace: :51:

Spliff Twister

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HAHA you did the right thing. This guy isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer and you know what not the kindest ethier. He only cares about himself and not the other thousands of patients in the state. I am also sure that this guy would trun around and sell it on the street which is not cool ethier.

as far as probobly 50% of them being fake. Well one how would you know your'e not a medical patient you dont go in to the co-ops and see what the patients look like, and two not everyone that use medical marijuana looks like there dying.
I am a patient 24 years young healthy and active. I can run jump sing and dance. When people look at me they don't see a sick patient who need marijuana. The reality is thats exactly what I am. I smoke fore a extream anxiety disorder I have. I am probobly one of the few people in the state that had to have there case heard in front of the courts to see if I qualify.
A judge who had never heard of medical marijuana and through me out of his court room for bring it up sat and listen to me describe what I go through everyday without marijuana and how marijuana has helped me. This judge from one of the most conserative courts in California gavde me the right to smoke marijuana while on probation for marijuana charges.
Don't judge a book by its cover just because someone doesnt look like they are dying doesnt mean Marijuana doenst help the quality of there life.
HAHA again you did the right thing by setting him straight. If he wants to keep going with it you can tell him to send me a message


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Bro, you did the right thing. Here is what I would do to help resolve the issue as well. Tell your friend to go see Temple420.com (craig X) you can become a member of his collective for religious reasons, without needing a medical one.

Tell em you heard it here on 420 Magazine =)

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You handled it better than I would have. I probably would have gone off on the moron. You done good:3:


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Well said... It makes me sick out here where there isn't a medical program, when I hear of so many kids getting club product, so many people ruining this great momentum we have right now. Damnitt California get it right for the rest of us in so much need of good meds without the worry of prosecution.



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I gotta agree. Med. cards are for sick people, not stoners like me.

I'm a bit curious, why did he need your input? To get a card, he needs a doctor, right?


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yes u did, altho im not a card holder i smoke a hella lotof mj to rid me of my eye pain,.....when he said he was and addict, u shoulda told him to go take man-made drugs like addicts do, cause after all mj iz not a drug in my book or the defnation in the dictionary if u look up "drug".

:allgood: As long as we have people like you HaHa MMJ will have a bright futuer for all who need it throughout the US and other places keep up the good work:allgood:
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