Did I finally get a female?

no sex on the plants above yet ..

any new pics?
this is what your looking for
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lets try positive thinking...it WILL be a lady
LOL Yes positive thinking!!! I think 2 are girls and 2 are boys. After having 6 males outdoors this year (THIS SUCKED!!) I spent some money for indoor DWC system. I started the 4 bagseeds and they have all been transplanted to soil. The reason why is because I have 4 Autoflower in my system now and they are on a 18\6 schedule so I have to move the 4 bagseed plants to a dark closet for 13 hours. Here is the link to my thread on my first DWC. http://www.420magazine.com/forums/deep-water-culture-dwc/228248-my-first-dwc-grow.html
I am uploading new pics today.
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My advice to you don't grow seeds that you don't no what they are just order some feminized seeds and you will be good the reason I'm saying this is because you just wasting nutrients but hey if you got the money just do you then ? Good luck I keep watching
Yea I couldn't agree with you more! I am only ordering Feminized from now on! I will do bag seed outdoors in the summer. All natural.
I do have 4 autofem's growing now too so I am in good shape, just really disappointing I couldn't get 1 damn female out of the bag seeds.