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Did I flush too early?

Hi I’ve been growing this Northern Lights strain in flower for about 70 days now. I had an overwatering/ nitrogen problem about 30 days ago and I had to flush my plant. I’ve been feeding only water for 30 days and I’m wondering if that was too early. There is a lot of yellowing going on right now and some leaves have completely died off. The seed bank I got this strain from said about 9 weeks to flower and it’s day 72 now which is far past the 9 weeks. But I think the overwatering/ nitrogen problem set me back a week or so so I’m not too sure. Any feedback would be nice. Just making sure I don’t harvest too early when they still could be in production. I have a usb microscope from Amazon that I will check tricomes with to harvest. Thanks


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Fuzzy Duck

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Na I do not think the over watering/flush or nitrogen problem is the issue here.

It is more than likely your environmental conditions which need to be tuned in for optimal growth.

First of all I would question your light source cfl, hps, T5 tubes etc & hanging distance ! Ye their is this thing called the inverse square law of light effect & depreciation of light over distance... it is real thing.

Mmm air flow is another one I'm sure you have your passive vents closed on your tent your picture paints a thousand words !
Thanks a ton. I’ll give u the best description I can. My relative humidity is around 35-40 for flower and my temps are 75-78 in day and drop 73-75 when lights r off. I have a 200w led light that I have hung about 18’ or so above the canopy. It’s a Yintatech 1000w light that’s I got on Amazon but the real power is only 200w. I have this covering my Northern Light plant and my Bubba Kush too. I have an moving fan in the back left of my tent. An intake and exhaust fan which are pretty much strong pc fans. I also have an air filter in the room and two more fans coming in and out of that room.


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Dwight Monk

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Take it you meant 18" ;) as 18' a lot :19: , with that type of LED that more the Veg height flowering would be 10-15" range which you have to lower slowly to find where plant doesn't like it and then move up slightly. Most folks don't flush at the end anymore, 30 days with just water probably starved them some. Not sure if PC fans in a tent that big enough air changing, but my grow boxes use a 2 intake and 2 exhaust but they are smaller footprint than that tent. Probably limited light and maybe genetics playing into why they so small, along with not feeding them for so long. Not seeing a lot of white pistils, need to look at the trichs to see if/when they are done for more accurate way of telling.


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Not many leaves..... hard to grow without a source of energy.

Depending on your fertilizer and the soil, excess water wont do much to get rid of excess nitrogen.

It's there in the soil and burning up all the microbes that the plants need to get minerals and nutrients so your roots suffer and the plant has slow growth.

Its not going to get bigger at this point.

Whats in the soil mix?
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