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Did I Stop Nutes Too Soon?


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I'm growing 4 Northern Light Autos in Fox Farms ocean forest soil mixed with perlite. I've been feeding them the Fox Farms Trio nutrient line. Beginning last week, I stopped their nutrients and have only been feeding them pH blackstrap molasses water. These plants have a good full two to three weeks left before Harvest. A lot of the leaves around the buds are starting to Yellow. My question is did I stop feeding nutrients too soon? When do you usually stop nutrients and begin the flushing process? Or when do you begin feeding them just plain pH water? I'm wondering if I jumped the gun a little. Any expert advice is appreciated and I thank you so much! I love this place!

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It's pretty normal for a plant to look kind of rough in the weeks before harvest.
They're nearing the end,and they know it.
It sorta depends on the strain how good or bad they look around this time.

I don't think you jumped the gun,they should be fine -the leaves may look bad,but you don't smoke the leaves.
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