difference between dilute and super dilute results


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I just got a new job and the only thing left to do is pass a drug screening. I havent smoked in 6days and have been drinking water like crazy the past few days. I also read in the screening waiver that a dilute negative would count negative dilut positive would count positive and a super dilute would need retesting. Not sure what the difference is. Anyways I have to go in tomorrow and im a bit worried. Is there anything else you guys recommend I do to ensure I pass? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Its all based on ph and creatine levels. Does no good to drink lots of fluids days before the test. As long as you don't drink over 36 ounces the morning of the test it will pass for dilution. Dilution only works for light smokers. If you are a moderate or heavy smoker you'll need to sub with synthetic or someone elses clean urine.
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