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Digging My Hole Deeper: Tunkers Fun In the Aussie Sun


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I have been absent from 420mag for a while, but Spring is here, and I've been getting busier outside so thought I'd put all my outdoor shenanigans in a journal.

I've dug up my bush spot and been dragging bags of pig shit out there. Spent this morning borrowing some of my chooks lovely dirt to drag up there also. The ground is literally clay out there. Was a bitch to dig up.

Grabbed a cheap bag of seed raising mix from nursery and mixed it with the worm castings in the barrow, some pig shit, and perlite.

I've since put it all in pots ready for the bunch of random seeds to get some height. I'll keep popping beans until I've got enough to fill the plot. Thinking about 16 or so and whatever males I pull might cut it back to half, give or take. All unknown seeds, some are ones I found amongst the last run I did inside. I know they're probs all hermied seeds but if anything stable grows I'll take clones and put indoors.

Apart from the bush weed, today's activities involved digging a hole in the veggie patch, flipping a bath tub halfway across the acreage (who needs the gym lol) and selasticing a plug in the bottom for a fish pond

And here's what's up and about in the garden so far

Thanks for reading. I'll aim to update weekly
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What up Tunkers!? Glad to see your around a little bit again.
Hey mate cheers. The Aussie forum I've called home has been having alot of issues of late so I'll most probably be around a bit more. Thanks for saying hey. Hope all is well. Clicking ya sig now to see what you've been up to :nomo:


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You gonna top cover the bush plot with wood chips or straw like you did in the gadren last year? That sure seemed to help keep the moisture in the ground and I know its a bit of a hike to pack water to the bush.


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Took a bunch more goodness out the bush yesterday and had a fiddle with my fish pond. Decided to try and run some aquaponics for a laugh. Caught one little mosquito fish from the creek haha and a bunch of tadpoles



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School holidays atm so will probably take the kids to where I can get some through the week. Used to love yabbying as a kid

Thanks @Pennywise and @Night4wings20 heres hoping anyway
Went yabbying last summer, was fun and relaxing to get outdoors and get some actual bites! (I'm shocking at fishing as I have little patience haha). Hope you get some good ones mate!

Should be right as long as the roos, cops or derros don't get to them :thumb:


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Added another 12 bags of goodies today. I'm buggered. One bag of worm castings, 3 more bags of yummy soil from the chook yard and 8 bags of super black, worm-filled soil surrounding the pig pen. Feels like I'll never fill this bloody thing though.

Would the worms have climbed my tub because of it being too hot underground? Didn't realise how many were in there..

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