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Diluted sample - requested do over


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HELP!!! i had been clean for 2 months. went to my pre-employment drug test knowing i was good. went home and celebrated by smoking a bowl. in less than 24 hours i got a call asking me to come back because i apparently drank too much water before the test. the medical receptionist offered me the friggin bottle of water! i didn't even know what the man was talking about..."dilution"...until i did a bunch of research today.

now, because i had been clean for 2 months (previously a pretty reg. user) and only 1 bowl 48 hrs ago, i planned to wait another 10 days before going back. i'm 5-5, 130 lbs, good metabolism. i'm drinking water, started exercising like crazy...what r my chances for passing? do i do the vitamin B too? i can't believe this!

advice is greatly appreciated and needed. i'm worried to death...
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