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Dinafem Cheese - Outdoors - Advice?


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just wanting some feedback on my plant....

any suggetsions on what can be done better would be appreciated:peace:

Calyx Hunter

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if you had one you could ask your girl

Sorry had to. Your location cracked me up.

It's cool that you are looking for ways to improve. I always do the same. I would say to transplant a larger fabric pot when ready. I don't like plastic pots anymore. Getting root bound sucks. Since you are growing outside the plant may turn into a monster and that pot could end up being too small.

It looks like there is a bit of yellowing and it does not look bad but it could be a sign to increase nutrients a bit. A healthy plant will be totally solid deep rich green.

It looks like a badass plant. Keep it up! :thumb:


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Calyx Hunter: yea I noticed that either yesterday or the day before, but I bumped up nutrients today,

I have already got a 50 gallon aerated pot, so no one person can just pick it up and take it

I use plastic when im going to have to transplant so I can just cut through the plastic for less stress transplanting


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looks healthy. 50 gallon pot? thats quite excessive if you ask me.. i think a 30 gallon would do just perfect. any perlite in your soil? if not i would recommend mixing some in with it. other than that it looks healthy!


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3 days ago before training

Other pictures are from about 11 this morning
Picture from today showing light distribution

Picture from today showing her height compared to a 4 week old all natural plant

And I have 10% perlite in the mix but the soil I'm using doesn't have drainage problems, takes only 20 ounces before water is draining out the bottom of the 7 gallon container I'm using
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