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Plant of the Month: Oct 2009
Hello Friends, Did you think I would ride off in the sunset for good? For any that remember me I will be trying for another mega grow this year. I will growing 12 plants. 3 of them will be in the ground. 9 of them will be in plastic 55g barrels cut in half. Fox Farm Soil with 35% perlite. I am looking for 5lbs per plant in the ground. And 1.5 per plant in pots.

The clones that were donated to me are as follows.

3 C-99
2 Sour Desiel
2 White Widow
1 AK-47
1 Dogshit
1 AD
1 AD*
1 ?

I need some help here if you can find some time? The above clone list is what was written on the red cups. So I need some help with the names. What strain could AD be? And then the AD*? Is Dogshit a strain or just the grower name? I love the ?. I always love growing those.

I have a friend that will trade me some starts as well. I am in the pacific northwest so I may be trading some of these to better outdoor growing. Any strain tips would be really cool. I am petty sure WW does not so good outdoors here. SD should do well. Any mold info on ay of my strains I have?

Thanks Friends.

Captain Kronic

Member of the Month: July 2011
Not getting much love over at GC... hmm... I'll try to help!

C99 = Cinderella 99:
Strain Name: Cinderella 99 (C99)

Grade: A-

Type: Hybrid – Sativa Dominant

Looks: Light green with dark orange / red hairs. Lots of crystals cover each part of the dense bud.

Smell: Does not have a real strong smell until it’s broken up. Smells like a watermelon or that mystery white flavor airhead candy when it’s broken up.

Taste: Piney with hints of chemically engineered fruit flavor, similar to the candy airhead’s smell. Skunky overtones with slight hints of burnt campfire leaves taste on exhale. Had a different kind of a piney taste, tasted the way the fake christmas tree’s in the 80′s smelled.

Effects: Day time use! Provided an energetic, clear head type of medicinal effect. Also enhanced my mood and produced anti-anxiety feelings. Standard sativa medicinal effects.

Potency: Medium

Dog Shit:
Genotype Indica dominant 3
Genotype Balance 60% Indica / 40% sativa 1
Great For Insomnia, appetite, and pain relief 1
Side Effects (Cottonmouth, Couchlock, etc) Not set yet 0
Tolerance Build Not set yet 0
AKA The DS, dog poop 1
Regions Spotted Burlington, VT 1
Price Not set yet 0
THC Contents 15-20% 4
CBD 0.68% 1
Taste Mild fruity taste 1
Smell Skunky, hints of pineapple and dog Feces 1
Appearance Tight dark buds laced with orange hairs & Stuffed with Trichomes 1
Genetics Afghani X skunk


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Dirt, I'll be following you through this grow.... still love looking at the pics from your giants!! :bravo: encouraged me to go outdoors this summer. :thanks:

Kronic.. as always the fountain of knowledge. :thumb:

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