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Disabled Rastaman Busted

Jim Finnel

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The police in Mwanza on Friday arrested a 23-year-old Rastaman for being found in possession of a bag of Indian hemp locally known as chamba.

Andrew Cite of Chiwembu Village, TA Nthache was arrested after the police got a tip from the public through a suggestion box.

According to Mwanza Police spokesman Helix Malekano, Cite accepted ownership of the hemp.

Malekano said samples of Cite’s hemp are yet to be sent to Bvumbwe Research Station to establish the weight and confirm its content.

Cite is on bail as the police are convinced he cannot run away.

“Cite has problems in walking as he is disabled--has one leg--hence he cannot escape. Even if he can try, he can be easily identified at the roadblock,” said Malekano.

In June, the police in Mwanza confiscated 23 bags of Indian hemp that were left in a car by unidentified persons.

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