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discolored leaves

Hey...the plants are about 2.5-3 weeks old. some of the leaves are now getting a lightish green/yellow color in some spots....it almost looks dry...but when it is touched you can feel no difference..will try to find a camera and get pics up tonight or tomorrow.

also...there are gnats present.

soil grow
ph- 6.9
temp 79
400 watt MH light
Miracle grow potting soil(now have foxfarm ocean forest...will be transplanting them soon into that)

have only fertilized once with foxfarm grow big

occasionaly sparying of the leaves with ph adjusted water

any ideas or suggestions(i know its hard without pics...but ill try to get them ASAP)



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They look normal to me .:peace:
yea? i dunno...the top 2 pics you can see the discoloration...just happened over the last 2 days....this is the first attempt at growing....so maybe just a little over precautious?

by the way....AK-47 is the seed of choice...hope they turn out as expected


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Try this . Use a spray bottle with half strength water soluable high nitrogen fert solution and foliar feed ( mist the leaves ) one of the plants every other day for a week . See if it looks better to you. It may be a nitrogen deficiency. It could also be from the gnats ,as their larve live in the soil and suck nutients from the roots. They prefer a moister soil than what I see in your pictures. Hang some fly paper strips in the area and trap as many adults as possible. I'm sure someone here will know how to combat the gnats larvae.:smoke2:
any name brand products you suggest for the nutes, and foliar feeding?

also....have 2 bowls of raw apple cider vinegar and fly traps to conquer the gnats


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I'll probably get some flak for suggesting these brands , but they are cheap and readily available . Miracle grow or peters professional . Remember, only use half the recomended strength and test on one plant untill you see the results.:smokin3:
update: going to try foliar feeding...but noticed that the yellow on the leaves is getting worse...even turning rust colored in some spots

no signs of bugs, except for the gnats...anyone else see anything?


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if all else fails, flush them and transplant them into that foxfarms.

but if i were you i'd mix some vermiculite and perlite into the foxfarms, 1/3 each, for water retention and drainage.
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