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Disease/Deficiency Problem

Nub Hippie

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The yellowing and dying of the leaves starts on the outside edge and eventually leads to the death of the leaves, it has currently spread to every plant i have and i am unsure how to proceed. I have sprayed for mites, and for fungus, i belive its a deficiency but I can't be certain. I appreciate any thoughts or comments on this problem, along with the solution and what to use and how much etc...

Thank you in advance for you're time and help.

Droopy Dog

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Deficiency? I don't think so, lockout perhaps.

To my old eyes, it looks like you have:
pH issues
PM issues
nute burn or lockout, due to pH

What is your run off pH?
What kind of soil is that? I see no perlite in that mix.
What have you been spraying with? It doesn't seem to be working.



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if its mold growing on the dirt,,, you might be over-watering.... good luck...

BWC BayArea

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I agree with Droopy, your problem most definitely appears to be PH related by the contortion of the leaves. 1st thing I'd do is flush your pots with a half strength nutrient solution with some vitamin B1to prevent shock). It appears that these plants are outdoor plants correct? Your soil looks like some backyard "off the ground" type of soil. I'm no expert, just callin it how I see it. Now if you dont have a PH meter/pen I suggest you invest in one. Know how th measured and adjust the PH before feeding and watering your plants. We could use a lot more info from you to help you. There is a stick post at the top of the Frequently Asked Questions forum called "How To Ask For Grow Support" check it out and ask again
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